case study women with DYSMENHORREA



Pilot study.


Client: Female, born 1951. Housewife, one child. Benign brain tumour operated successfully 1987. Actual complaint : Menstrual pains, pre-menstrual tension, depression.

Time of study : 28.10.88 - 19.01.89

Dates: 9.11.,11.11.,14.11.,16.11.,18.11.,21.11.,23.11.

25.11.,7.12.,12.12.,14.12.,16.12.,19.12.,2.1.,9.1.,13.1.,16.1.  Therapeutic lay-out: Main frequency 52 Hz which alternates with multi-frequency tapes. Cassettes used: 1b,27a,1b,41b,41b,4b,57b,1b,35a,1b,4b,9a,1b, 28a,9a,1b,1b,69.

Notes in journal:

23.11. last mens. day this month. During therapy she felt pains on both sides towards the groin.

25.11. Pain free from yesterday. Somewhat in shock after having a minor car accident. We start therapy once a week now.

7.12. Expects mens. around 21.12.

19.12. 1st mens. day to-day. No pains or tensions! new therapy session 2.1.89

2.1. Christmas time has been fine. DBP 59 on arrival, 67 when finished.

16.1. No menstrual problems this time. Therapy series terminated. New consultation in a month's time.

End of journal notes.


The client wrote a diary during the therapy series for research purposes:


     The first time I tried the chair I felt anxious because of the vibrations. After a while I felt relaxed and calm. I was more occupied with the fine music and vibrations. I was drowsy and wanted to sleep. I think this experiment is good for me - both for body and soul.


     Monday and Wednesday when I sat in the chair, I felt almost no vibrations. It had almost no effect on me. I relaxed only for a little while. The vibrations make the nerves relax and the body feels heavy and relaxed. I just wanted to get up and go away. I want more vibrations next time.


     Last Wednesday I felt pains in my abdomen all the time I sat in the chair. I think it is because I had my period. But the next day the pains were gone. I have felt these pains just this one time.


     After having tried this therapy I have only positive experiences- It makes me feel in a better mood and I am generally more relaxed. The music and vibrations dissolve tensions in my body in connection with my period.

16.1.89   During the three months I tried the chair with music and vibrations I had a very positive development both physically and emotionally. My depression is gone. My irritability is very much reduced, especially the week before my period. I can relax and forget unnecessary things. I sleep better at night and relax much better.


Blood pressure measurements before and after sessions show no clear pattern.   Pulse was generally lowered, but once (14.12) the pulse frequency increased from 102 to 150 during therapy session. The same therapy  procedure was therefore repeated 2.1. but the pulse then remained constant. Looking at the BP profile from the whole period, it seems that we can observe a general reduction tendency (from 88 to 82 mm Hg diastolic and 136 to 128 mm Hg systolic in average).


We can observe effects in two areas:

1) Analgetic effect

2) Mental stabilization and reduced depression.

These results are confirmed by several other clients which have not been followed as closely as this client was.



VA-therapy for functional dysmenhorrea is an interesting area which ought to be studied more closely. For 8 years now we have got feedback of the same nature from women who have used VA-therapy for other reasons, but who have also observed the  effect on menstrual synmptoms as a side-effect of their therapy sessions.

The working mechanisms seem to be a mixture of mental and physical factors, but the general relaxing effect seems to be the dominating factor in the chain of effects.

As the method is not supplying the organism with foreign substances it is totally free of negative side-effects.