In memory of the magazine


Edited by Denis Lavaud , Zon'Art was a french bulletin about art brut, outsider art, folk art, art “hors- normes”, art environments and so on. The first issue appeared in summer 1999 and the last one, nr 20, was published in autumn 2008.

This small magazine was also published on the internet, but currently these issues are not available there anymore.

On the occasion of the publication of the last issue of the magazine, an exhibition was set up in October 2008 with, among other activities, a presentation of Jean-Michel’s collection of old postcards of art environments.

On October 3 an audio-visual festival took place with slide presentations and the screening. of films. In memory of Zon'art -and also as documentation- here is the program of this festival.

from website raak.com (where the text is easier to read)