Zoo Cams
                   Penquins                                SeaWorld Penquin Encounter. You will see 10-20 penquins. A few up close and many far away.
                   Elephants                               San Diego Zoo. You should see 3-4 elephants standing or walking around.
                   Ape                                        San Diego Zoo Ape Cam.  You may see 1-3 apes. Camera has zoomed in and out shots.
                   Panda                                     San Diego Zoo. She mainly eats bamboo or lies around. You may also see a baby panda.
                   Polar Bear                              San Diego Zoo Polar Bear Plunge. You may or may not see it in the water.
                   Giraffes                                  Houston Zoo Giraffe Cam.  You may see 4-5 giraffes, and maybe even some ostriches or a zebra.
                   Chimps                                   Houston Zoo Chimp Cam.  You may see 4 or 5 black chimps. They all might be asleep in the swing.

                 Aquarium Cams
                         Kelp Forest                      You will see 10-15 somewhat small fish swimming in and out of the kelp. You may see a scuba diver.
                           Open Sea                        Click here for a list of animals to find. Ex. turtle, shark, tuna, dolphin fish, etc. You may hear a tour guide.

                  Seashore  Cams
                        Waikiki Beach                     Control the camera zoom in bottom right corner (You may have to wait your turn.) Choose location in top right corner.    
                     Carlsbad, California            You will see the ocean, the beach, probably some people and maybe even a sunset.
                     Monteray Bay California    This rotates through several camera views. You will see the ocean, rocks, and maybe even boats.

                Snow Mountain Cams
                     Squaw Valley                         California snow skiing resort. Scroll down to see the live web cam. There are 3 cams to click on at the top.
              National Parks Cams
                      Yellowstone - Old Faithful     Old Faithful erupts every 35 to 120 minutes for 1 1/2 to 5 minutes.
                      Yellowstone - Old Faithful     This picture shows the expected time of the next eruption. (See very top of picture.)

              Adventure Park Cams
                      Mattercam                             Disneyland - Out of gates. It shows Matterhorn, etc. plus Disney Fireworks.

               Utah Valley Cams
                      Utah Valley University          Looking south from UVU. You will see mainly traffic.