Long o


       Long O 
       1.   Learn to Read                      Do lesson 9 - nose, Long-o.  Read Robot and Mr. Mole. Video-Chunking.
      2.  Web Word Find - o, o-e    Drag the mouse from the first to the last letter. Find: go, no, so, bone, rope stove, poke joke, hole, & home
    3. Read A Word - o_e            Play Read-A-Word once.  Click on Play Another Game. Do Word Unscramble.       
          4.  Word Builder: o, o-e          Listen, Read, Next, Next, Play, Click up or down arrows to make a word. Click Go! to add to list.  6 words
   Look, Cover, Spell                  Choose o-e. Click start. Look at one word, it covers it, Type the word, Check the word. Fix if needed. Next word.
        6.  Crossword Challenge: o, o-e         Long i  Click Play. Find Across. Read the sentence. Find the short a word that goes in the sentence. Type it. 10 words
     8.   Learn to Read           Do lesson 11 - boat, Two Vowels.  Read Soap Boat.  Watch Two Vowel video.
The Toad and the Goat       Do Hear it, Read it, Sound Search, and Find the Word. Read oa words.

Web Word Find - oa, ow  Drag the mouse from the first to the last letter. Find: boat, coat, goat, road, low, blow, grow, show, slow & snow
    12.   Word Clouds for Kids       Have the class come up with 5 words that have the Long o sound.  Have students type the words. Click arrow to make a Word Cloud.