Short e

    1.  If You Can Read "en"       Click the 4th circle down entitled: If you can read... Click "en" at the bottom.
                                                                Watch the video. It shows "en" words: ten, pen, men, end, mend, send, spend, etc.

2.   Learn to Read    Do lesson 2 - en, et.  Read Peg the Hen. Watch Left to Right movie. 
      3.  Short E Sentences - Drag short e words to build a sentence.
      4.  3 letter short e words  - video
    5.  Web Word Find   Short e  Click on the first letter in the word. Drag your mouse to the last letter.  Find all six words. 
  Word Sort   Short e             Click on speaker. Listen, Read, Next, Next, Play, Drag the words to the correct category: ed, et, en  5 words  
   Word Builder  Short e         Listen, Read, Next, Next, Play, Click up or down arrows to make a word. Click Go! to add to list.  6 words
8.   Crossword Challenge Short e  Click Play. Find Across. Read the sentence. Find the short a word that goes in the sentence. Type it. 4 words
9.   Word Family Sort      Type in name.  Choose the short vowel: e.  Sort 24 words by: pet, red, hen, and well.