Short u

1. Learn to Read Do lesson 5 - ug, short vowels. Read Gus the Duck. Wach the Silent e movie.
2. Web Word Find Short u Click on the first letter in the word. Drag your mouse to the last letter. Find all six words.
3. Words that rhyme with bug Click Start. Point to the bee to see the word. Drag it to the bee's nest.
4. Word Sort Short u Click on speaker. Listen, Read, Next, Next, Play, Drag the words to the correct category: un, us, ut 6 words
5. Word Builder Short u Listen, Read, Next, Next, Play, Click up or down arrows to make a word. Click Go! to add to list. 6 words
6. Crossword Challenge Short u Click Play. Find Across. Read the sentence. Find the short a word that goes in the sentence. Type it. 4 words
7. Word Clouds for Kids Have the class come up with 5 words that have the Short u sound. Have students type the words. Click arrow to make a Word Cloud.
8. Word Family Sort Type in name. Choose the short vowel: u. Sort 22 words by: cut, bug, run, duck.