WALL-E                                      Watch 6 cartoon clips plus 4 movie trailers for WALL-E.
   Robot Pictures                     Wait for 32 pictures to load. Click on arrow in bottom right corner to scroll through the pictures.
   3D Images of Mars          Requires blue and red 3D glasses. (Available here.) These images were taken by robots on Mars. Scroll down to see more images and click on them.
   Mars Adventure                  Click Skip Intro. Begin mission. Take 10 things with you to Mars. Can you get 4 stars? (Consider zero gravity, batteries, heat up, etc.)
 * Make a Robot                      Click Go. Click to remove tips window. Bring robot part to top. Resize it, turn it, choose another part.
** Robots Play Soccer   (Show on Big Screen to whole class.) Click on "Watch on" Watch the video. (About 4 min.)
    Incredibots 2                       Click Play. Click on Tutorial Levels. Click on Level 1 - Drive a Tank! Click More, More, OK. Click Play. Push the blue box over the cliff.
                                                                Press Stop if you get trapped. Retry or Next Level (In Level 2 you build a simple robot).
    Robot Rover                        Click Go Fetch. Continue. Use arrow keys to pick up soccer ball and megaphone. Take back to Studio G (blue building)
    JunkBot from Lego      Click Play and OK. Move Lego pieces around to help the robot find the recyling bin. Do 15 levels.