Flounders Post Fine Win

Post date: Oct 26, 2018 5:23:18 PM

Match Report

Flounders vs Arnside Bores B team

Home win 6 points to 2.

This match was supposed to be away at Arnside however continued problems with Arnside courts meant that the fixture was switched and it was our home fixture. We provided the hospitality (Alison particularly impressive with her sandwiches, Bill not quite as impressive with his Iron Bru cordial….)

Michael paired with Bill and they breezed through both their matches winning 6/2 6/0 and 6/2,6/2. Alison and Ian won their first match 6/3 6/0 but were unable to match Michael and Bill losing 3/6 3/6 in the 2nd match.

Courts were good, weather was a little windy, company was excellent!