Lovely location:

Here at North Lonsdale we are very fortunate to have some excellent facilities in a beautiful location on the Memorial Playing Fields at Grange-over-Sands.

The panorama is outstanding with views south across Morecambe Bay to the hills of Bowland.

3 astroturf courts of which 2 are floodlit

The three courts were resurfaced in 2012. They have a comfortable and soft synthetic surface which gives a predictable bounce and, unlike hard tarmac courts, is easy on the body. Due to the regular care and maintenance the courts are in excellent condition. Two of them have floodlights and this enables all year round access.

Clubhouse with kitchenette:Beside the courts is a new clubhouse built in 2012. It has a small kitchenette to provide hot drinks and snacks, a small privacy area for changing, notice boards, storage compartments and facilities to hold club meetings. On a sunny day members can enjoy sitting on the verandah watching the games on court whilst having a drink.

Maintenance by Members:

The club maintains the high standard of its facilities by calling on its members to help with maintenance. By using volunteers in this way rather than employing expensive outside contractors, the club manages to reduce the cost of annual subscription fees. For most members this will only involve a few hours every year. The club owns a petrol driven brushing machine to help keep the synthetic surfaces in prime condition and this is stored in a separate shed along with other maintenance tools. You will find the maintenance rota at the bottom of the page.

Caring for the Court by Wearing suitable Shoes:

Our courts are one of our most valuable assets - costing £90 per week. Wearing the right shoe for the court will increase the life of its surface. Here are some guidelines:

- Avoid taking mud on court by brushing your footwear at the entrance.

- Wear low tread depth and non-marking soles suitable for astro-turf. It is preferable to use footwear designed for tennis. Coloured soles should be non-marking - you can test them on the loose piece of astro-turf at the court entrance. A rugged tread will tear the fibres of the carpet. See examples below:

Health & Safety

North Lonsdale Tennis Club acknowledges its responsibility for the safety of its members. In the clubhouse there is a mobile phone along with guidelines on emergency procedures to assist members in case of an accident or incident.