The site for Maine kite flyers

The Nor'easters is an unofficial kite club consisting of kite flyers who like to fly in the Portland, Maine area. There are no dues, no officers, no meetings, no by-laws and not much in the way of organization. Some of us are members of Kites over New England and/or the American Kite fliers Association.

We fly pretty much any kite. There are kite surfers, kite skiers, stunt kite flyers, single line flyers, KAPs, and kite makers. We fly at Bug Light Park in South Portland, Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Pine Point Beach in Scarborough, Long Lake in Naples and other fields in the area. There are about 100 people on the group's mailing list and 3 to 20 of them will show up at our events.

To be added to this mailing list contact us at pandtkites@gmail.com.  We send out emails to announce local kiting events but we try not to fill your mailbox with too much stuff.


Contact us at:PandTkites@gmail.com