Mary Wesley

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She was born Mary Aline Farmar on 24 Jun 1912 at Englefield Green, co Surrey; the third child of Colonel Harold Mynors Farmar and his wife Violet Dalby. In 1937 she married Carol Swinfen Eady, 2nd Baron Swinfen. They had a son Roger Mynors Swinfen Eady who would, upon his father's death in 1977, become the 3rd Baron Swinfen. Mary and Carol divorced in 1945. Mary had a very strained relationship with her own mother, whom she suggested did not like her very much. Mary began writing late in life, not publishing her first book until the late 1960s. She finally found her calling in adult fiction with her combination of frank sexuality, emotional turbulence and black humour.

Both of her parents descend from royalty, the shortest line running through her mother Violet, in 18 steps to Robert II Stewart, King of Scotland 1371-90, while through her father it takes 22 steps to reach Edward I, King of England 1272-1307