the Honorable Mrs Norton

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1 Caroline Sheridan

The image here comes from this page an out-of-copyright work.She was born Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Sheridan on 22 Mar 1808, the daughter of Thomas Sheridan by his wife Caroline Henrietta Callander. Her father was an actor and his father had been a playwright. Later Thomas became a colonial administrator, dying in South Africa in 1817. From her first marriage, she became known as "the Honorable Mrs Norton". She was a playwright, songwriter, author, poetess, and social reformer. See one of her song lyrics by clicking this link.She married firstly to George Chapple Norton (b 1800) on 30 Jul 1827 and on 14 Nov 1831 in London gave birth to her second of three sons, Thomas Brinsley Norton, later the 4th Lord Grantley and Baron of Markenfield. She and her husband separated. She was a social reformer for the rights of mothers in the then-repressive British system which gave most rights to fathers.A modern biography of her exists, "A Scandalous Woman The Story of Caroline Norton", by Alan Chedzoy, London, 1992. An older biography, readable freely on Google Books is "The life of the Honourable Mrs. Norton" By Jane Gray Perkins, Henry Hold & Co, 1909.Caroline is of royal ascent, being an tenth-generation descendant of James V, King of Scotland 1513"I... shall be remembered and dreamed of, when the gossiping women of my day have ceased to talk, and are a handful of dust." (Source)See Also

2 Thomas Sheridan

3 Caroline Henrietta Callander

4 Richard Brinsley Sheridan

5 Elizabeth Linley

6 James Callander of Ardkinglas

7 Elizabeth MacDonnell

8 Thomas /Sheridan/ , actor and author

9 Frances /Chamberlaine/ , playwright and author

10 Thomas Linley the elder; composer

11 Mary /Johnson/

12 John Callander of Craigforth

13 Mary Livingstone

14 Alexander MacDonnell, 5th Earl of /Antrim/

15 Anne /Plunkett/

16 Thomas /Sheridan/ , Anglican minister, playwright, poet

17 Elizabeth /McFadden/

18 Philip /Chamberlaine/ , Anglican minister

24 James /Callander/

25 Catherine /Mackenzie/ of Cromarty

26 James Livingstone, 2nd Bnt

27 Helen Campbell

28 Randal MacDonnell, 4th Earl of /Antrim/

29 Rachel /Skeffington/

30 Charles Patrick /Plunkett/ of Dillons Town

31 Elizabeth /Stratford/

32 James /Sheridan/

48 John /Callander/ of Craigforth; Master Smith

49 Janet /Tailzeour/

50 Kenneth /Mackenzie/ of Grandvale and Cromarty; Knt and Bnt 1704-

51 Anne /Campbell/

52 Alexander Livingstone of Glentirran

54 James Campbell of Ardkinglas; Knt and 2nd Bnt

55 Margaret /Campbell/ of Gargunnock (as heiress)

56 Alexander MacDonnell, 3rd Earl of /Antrim/

57 Helena /Burke/

58 Clotworthy Skeffington, 3rd Viscount /Massareene/

59 Rachel /Hungerford/

60 Matthew Plunkett, 7th Lord /Louth/

61 Anne /Hamilton/

62 Edward /Stratford/ of Baltinglass, co Wicklow

63 Elizabeth /Baisley/

(Edward Stratford and Elizabeth Baisley are also ancestral to Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York)

100 George MacKenzie, 1st Earl of /Cromarty/

101 Anne /Sinclair/

202 James /Sinclair/ of Canisbey and Mey, 1st Bnt

203 Elizabeth /Leslie/

406 Patrick Leslie of Pitcairly, 1st Baron /Lindores/

407 Jean /Stewart/

814 Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of /Orkney/ 1581-

815 Janet or Jean Kennedy of /Cassilis/

1628 James V, King of /Scotland/ 1513-1542