Retirees Organization Scholarship Account (ROSA) provides scholarships to students from Niles North and Niles West High School. The criteria are:

1. The student's high school records must show academic diligence, competency, and honesty.

2. The student must be enrolled in a college or university approved by the Education Committee and the committee must have proof of enrollment before any funds are dispersed. The Committee shall not discriminate between secular and parochial or public and private schools. Funds shall be distributed directly to the institution.

3. The student must demonstrate and intention of preparing to enter the field of education. The Education Committee will determine whether or not the intention is insufficient in each case.

4. Scholarships are one-time only to freshmen entering school.

To donate to ROSA, please contact Janet Kelsey.

Rosa Donors 2018

Listed are all donors from the past two years. Donors include:

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