No one LIKES to take pills!  

But if you MUST take medications and you do not have insurance or your insurer decides not to pay for your prescriptions, what do you do?  If you are willing to do your "homework" there are places to contact that may help you obtain needed medications.  

Below are web sites for patient assistance programs to help you obtain discount prescription drugs or free drugs.  Some are specifically for those with a low income (some consider low income to be in the $40,000.00 range).  There are also sites listed for purchasing supplements and over-the-counter meds at a lower cost than most stores offer.  The inclusion of any link on the list below is not an endorsement for these sites or programs.  This is simply a resource to try to make it easier for you to get medications for you or your child.

The following website is for free or low cost medical care and medications.  The organization was established by volunteers dedicated to helping people who cannot afford medical care or prescription medicine.  Their phone number is 202-595-1039.  

Pfizer (to obtain Zithromax)  1-800-438-1985.   Their only requirement is that you must be on Medicare and have no other insurance that covers prescriptions.   Call 1-800 865-7211 or 

Partnership for Prescription Assistance:

How to recieve Free Meds: 

Free Meds programs: 

Pharma Directory of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs: 

Patients America: 

Canadian Medication Program: 

MEDICARE Drug Prescription Program: 



Vitamin Research Products:

Swanson Health Products:

For Your Pets

Vet Meds Direct: 

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