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Farley Mount Circuit

This 6 mile walk started and finished at Farley Church, but you could equally start at the Farley Mount Car Park. It includes woods with bluebells in spring and beautifully coloured leaves in autumn. There are also great views out to the north and south at Farley Mount.  There is even a private airstrip half way up.

Start grid reference SU397274

1) Park by the church and head back along the road, through the avenue of trees to the junction. Turn right up the hill and follow this track through the farm.1) Continue up the track to top of the hill, past the private air strip on the left. Nelly and I have been walking on this path when model aircraft enthusiasts have been flying their planes here. Once they suddenly brought their models down and stood aside as a real plane came in to land over our heads.

Turn RIGHT at the crossroads and follow the track with the wood on your left and fields on your right.
In spring the woods are full of bluebells.
At the top of the track, turn RIGHT along the ridge of the hill. Here the path opens out and the is a magnificent view out over the Hampshire countryside.

Part way down, on the right, is a small path to the Farley Mount monument. This looks like a pyramid and is a memorial to a horse. There are good views looking south and the story of the monument is displayed in the pyramid.
Return to the main path and continue to the right until you reach the car park.
4) Continue through the Farley Mount car park and out across the road. Follow the path opposite, veering right to follow parallel to the road.
Follow the path parallel to the road until it joins the road cross-roads.
 5) Cross the road and take the RESTRICTED BYWAY opposite. Stay on this path until it opens out and then reaches a gravel crossroads.
 6) Continue straight on between the two hedges on the grassy track, following the direction of the Restricted Byway finger post. 7, 8 and 9) At the end of the byway, turn left and follow the grassy track down the hill. Pass the barn and house on the right (Berrydown Farm), turning right to walk past the front drive and join the road.
At the next road junction, turn right and walk up the public road. 
At the next junction, turn right, following the sign to Farley Church until you return to your start point.
Take extra care along the public road as cars can travel at speed, even though it is a narrow country lane.

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