Welcome to the website for the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE), Hawaii State Federation of Chapters (HSFC). Ten chapters on 4 islands are supported by the Hawaii Federation. Additional details are provided on the "Chapter Information" page and HSFC chapter websites denoted with links below:
Oahu: 570 Kailua, 1450 Lanakila, 1518 Kaimuki, 1656 Waikiki, 1657 Leeward, 1681 Kaneohe
Kauai: 1513 Kauai; Hawaii: 1563 Big Island (Hilo), 1802 Kailua Kona; Maui:1745 Maui
The November 2017 Aloha Nesletter/Quarterly Report is now available for viewing, printing and/or downloading. Click on the link in the sidebar Aloha Newsletters/2017/May or on the link above to access.

NARFE Magazine OPM Season Special Section

The NARFE November 2017 Magazine distribution schedule will be late..  "due to the delayed availability of information for the Open Season special section, the issue is going to press later than usual."  The projected mailing date is 31 Oct.  

The following provides an advanced view if the article that is being printed in the November magazine for those that need a head start in the annual process.  

Assistance to NARFE members affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hawaii Federation members can assist fellow NARFE members impacted by Hurricane Harvey by donating to the NARFE-FEEA Disaster Fund by using the form on page 47 of the September NARFE magazine. 

Donations can also be made by calling 800-338-0755. FEEA administers the fund at no charge to NARFE. 

While government, private and insurance help will be forthcoming FEEA relies on an unpaid group of volunteers to get money to those NARFE members in need before any other help arrives. 

If you donate to the Combined Federal Campaign FEEA's CFC number is 11185. 

FEEA is the only charity whose sole purpose is to assist active and retired federal employees and their families.

Seniors' Fair 2017

What NARFE Has Done for You Lately

In the 114th Congress, the federal community continued to face assaults on its earned benefits. Thus, NARFE’s legislative efforts focused on defeating proposals attacking federal employees and retirees, as well as working toward solutions to other concerns facing NARFE members. Here are highlights of the Association’s accomplishments as the 114th Congress (2015-2016) concluded in December.

HSFC 2017 Convention
Hilo, HI -- April 27-28

Public Service Recognition Week

During Public Service Recognition Week, May 7 through May 13, please join me in thanking and recognizing the important work of the public employees in our community. Public employees are there for us at the local, state and federal levels. They protect our communities from violence, teach our children, deliver our mail, safeguard the safety of our food and medicines, ensure that Social Security deposits arrive on time, and that our borders and airports are secure. When disasters occur, they come to our rescue and help us recover. They work side by side with our military at home and abroad to defend our country and provide care to our veterans. Many put their own lives and their own families at risk doing their jobs. Especially during this week, thank those you encounter.

Joyce Matsuo, HI Fed-NARFE (National Active and Retired Federal Employees)
1755 Mahani Loop, Honolulu, HI 96819, phone 841-0232

Trip Report - March 2017

 NARFE Legislative Training Conference – March 12 to 15, 2017 

This is a short record of events at the 2017 NARFE Legislative Training Conference 

~ by McCoy Pope, Waikiki Chapter 1656 

The 300 person conference was NARFE's largest and the important changes being considered by the Government were displayed by expert NARFE executives. The work was intense due to rapid proposed changes in the works on WEP, Pension benefits elimination, Thrift Savings Plan and other measures. 

NARFE President Thiessen's briefing was powerful. We read the thick handout book with important data on local duties: CDL- District Leader's work getting local NARFE groups to gain area attention for problems and free publicity for the organization, etc. I was able to speak to NARFE past national president Beaudoin and the group about protecting locality pay for areas like Hawaii. 

The NARFE legislative training conference on 15 Mar 2017 spread out to the Capitol buildings as we attendees who made appointments with their State representatives met in their offices and discussed important federal programs, changes and influences. I met with Hawaii's Senator Mazie Hirono and her, Deputy Chief Sean Callahan and Legislative Aid Benjamin Strand. Senator Hirono advised she will be on the board vetting Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. We discussed the need for judges to show independence. I advised Ms Hirono that our NARFE Conference records show she voted/supported every recent NARFE position on record. She said she would continue to support and advance Federal workers careers. She said she will be alert to avert reductions in Locality Pay for Federal workers in special areas. She agrees to act to counter staff reductions, retirement benefit reductions and converting of Federal positions to privatization. She presented her display list of "Five Fights For Federal Employees". Every Federal Government professional should read and support each of her efforts. 

I and Alaskan NARFE member Paul McIntosh met with Representative Tulsi Gabbard’s Senior Staffer Dave Chun to discuss the retirees’ locality pay issue. Gabbard was not able to attend the scheduled meeting. We also discussed averting any changes/reductions to the current locality pay mandate that might affect Federal workers in Alaska, Hawaii, New York City, etc. Mr. Chun, reflecting Congresswoman Gabbard's views, emphasized the need for stable thinking and actions in reaction to attacks on Civil Service protections and retiree benefits protections. I advanced the move to eliminate the "Windfall Elimination Law" that reduces earned social security benefits in Federal retirement. I emphasized that eliminating benefits for new hires won't attract the "Best and Brightest" to Federal Government... 

In regard to my request to meet with Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa, I was notified by scheduler Ian Terayama that availability and scheduling prevented a meeting. However, Hanabusa planned to attend the NARFE reception that evening. 

The legislative training conference was important and professionally presented. I'd recommend it for NARFE members to learn and to meet with NARFE national leaders, and to influence State resentatives. 


McCoy Pope 

Kaneohe Chapter Vice President Receives Congressional Gold Medal

Upper Left - Federation President John Priolo and Dr. Ernest Harris
Upper Right- First Lady Dawn Ige, Senator Brian Schatz, Dr. Ernest Harris and Betty Jo Harris
Lower Front - Sandra Kawate, Grace Kramer, Dr. Ernest Harris, Betty Jo Harris, Audrey Choy and Lucy Ige
Lower Back - John Priolo, Marvin Iseke, Virginia Rolland and Kathryn Tsumura
Dr. Ernest J. Harris, Kaneohe Chapter 1681, Vice President, received the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest congressional honor given to a civilian, in a presentation at Washington Place on Saturday, November 12, 2016 for his service as a member of the Montford Point Marines. He was among the first wave of African Americans who volunteered to become U.S. Marines at Monford Point, North Carolina. He was grateful that as a result of his military service , he was able to receive financial support for a college education under the GI Bill. 

Dr. Harris earned a Bachelors degree in Chemistry with a minor in Zoology from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, a Master's degree in Entomology from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in Entomology from the University of Hawaii.

He worked for the USDA in Hawaii for 40 years and was recognized for his work on eradication of the fruit fly, in over 20 countries and has published over 120 peer-reviewed papers.

The Hawaii Federation is extremely proud of his accomplishments and along with his wife Bettyre Jo and their children Mark, Tanya and Greg.

FEEA Assistance

NARFE/HSFC members experiencing damage from the recent stormy weather may be eligible for monetary assistance by contacting FEEA at www.FEEA.org or calling 1-800-338-0755.

National Convention Highlights, from John Priolo (Sep. 5, 2016)

The 34th NARFE National Convention was held at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno August 28 to September 1, 2016.
  • National President Dick Thissen and Secretary/Treasurer Jon Dowie were re-elected. Thissen will be in his final term. Region Vice President Helen Zajac was also re-elected. It appears that she may make a run for higher office in 2018.
  • Bylaws changes were discussed for several hours. A ballot vote led to adoption of only two - Optional Chapter Membership and One Member One Vote. Subsequent to the Convention the NEB voted in Executive Session to end Chapter 2363. Their members will be assigned as National Members only to Chapters in their Zip Codes. Future elections and Bylaws changes will be via mail or email and not at Conventions.
  • Our Locality Pay Resolution passed. Our Care Act Resolution was rejected as the issue was a State and not a National issue. State Federations and Chapters were encouraged to support legislation in their State. As you know Hawaii enacted such legislation this year.
  • Our 2020 National Convention will be in Scottsdale. As previously announced the 2018 National Convention will be in Jacksonville.
  • Hank Magee made a presentation at our Region VIII caucus. Afterwards I was approached by several Federation Presidents who were interested in establishing their own. I will follow up with them.
  • A successor to Steve Bauer as FEEA Executive Director was selected by a FEEA Search Committee. In his honor a Resolution was approved to name the NARFE-FEEA Scholarship the “Steve Bauer NARFE-FEEA Scholarship”. I spoke with Steve and he will participate in our April 2017 State Convention.
  • A resolution was passed to establish an Official motto for NARFE: “NARFE - while the “E” is silent we are not”.

Fraud Alert July 13, 2016

NARFE does not have a new credit card affiliation
Members receiving a Platinum Business Account credit card from -- Select Funding -- should not activate the card and should shred it.

FEGLI Changes - 2016

Did you carry your FEGLI coverage into retirement? Are life insurance premiums coming out of your annuity payment every month? If so, this change may apply to you.

As of January 1, 2016, premiums for many options and age brackets under the FEGLI program will change due to actuarial adjustments.
The new premium charts can be viewed at: 
 https://www.opm.gov/retirement-services/special-notices/2016-fegli-premium-chang e.pdf

You can reduce or cancel coverage at any time but annuitants cannot increase coverage, even during an open season. If you elect to reduce or cancel all or any part of your FEGLI coverage, that election is irrevocable.

Smart 911

Smart 911 is a new tool currently being utilized by the HPD to provide first responders with additional information about the person and/location identified with a emergency/911 request.

Today, many of the calls to 911 originate from cell phones. The 911 system can only provide the general location for cell call location, unlike the wired landline phone.

The Smart 911 system allows individuals and households the capability to provide information "prior to the emergency call", about the resident's home physical location, health condition or environmental/household situation that can be provided to first responders prior to arriving at requiring location.

For the Honolulu public to use the system, all that is required is .... registration in the Smart 911 system.     All information is private and not available to the 911 dispatchers until a call is initiated, and limited period following the call.

Visit the HPD website  http://www.honolulupd.org/news/index.php?page=main&story=1800  which describes the new system.

Visit https://safety.smart911.com/smart911/ , for additional information on the benefits of the additional information in the 911 system..then register  at https://www.smart911.com/smart911/registration/registrationLanding.action to place information in the 911 system that could potentially save time in the event of a emergency call to 911.

Self Plus One Option

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 establishes a Self Plus One enrollment type in the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. Coverage under a Self Plus One enrollment was available beginning in January 2016. 

The first opportunity to enroll in Self Plus One was November 2015.

Visit opm.gov site for additional information--

Security Notice

The article posted in this space was the original notice on the first OPM breach prepared by NARFE President Thissen.  Since the initial breach, a second breach was detected in June raising the count of potentially affected individuals +from 4 to 22 million.   
Accordingly, this site now contains links to NARFE HQ and OPM sites which provide current status or information and the history/chronology of the breach investigation, recommended actions for potentially affected individuals.
October 1, 2015
OPM Begins Mail-Only Notifications
The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced October 1 that notification letters are being sent, starting September 30, to those individuals whose personal information was stolen in the cyberattack on background investigations and security records at OPM. The announcement emphasized that official notifications from OPM will be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service and that email will not be used. The mailed notifications will contain a personalized identification number (PIN), which is necessary for the individual to enroll in the three years of identity theft protection and credit monitoring services being provided free of charge by the government.
OPM cautions that neither it nor anyone else acting on OPM’s behalf will directly contact individuals to confirm personal information. If you receive an email or a phone call, it is a scam.
OPM and the Department of Defense also are preparing to provide victims of the background investigation cyberattack with a website that will help users determine whether they’ve been affected by the hack.
OPM has updated its special website www.opm.gov/cybersecurity with additional information and answers to common questions.

FEEA Disaster Assistance

For NARFE members who have suffered a loss due to our recent hurricanes/tropical storms or the lava flow, help is available from the NARFE-FEEA Disaster Fund. Contact FEEA at www.feea.org or 1-800-338-0755.

HSFC Virtual eService Office


The HSFC eService Virtual Office opened on Tuesday, 28 May, 2014. 

This new office is virtual since there is no "real" physical office building or room like the prior office in the Federal Building.

Two contact options support the virtual office.

Option 1 -- Telephone  on Oahu  377-4277  or   (808) 377-4277 
The caller will be greeted by a short message describing the virtual office and will be requested to leave a message with - contact/callback information, following the "beep".
1. name
2. phone number
3. a short description of the request
The message will be recorded like traditional voicemail and forwarded to the HSFC Virtual Office e-mail system.
Option 2 -- e-mail  narfe808@gmail.com
The sender's e-mail request will be delivered to the HSFC Virtual Office e-mail system.

New mail (in the HSFC Virtual Office e-mail system) will be viewed on non-holiday week days by a HSFC eService Office staff member.

Initial contact/response for new requests:
Option 1, telephone -  Via phone call to the request originator will be made by 4 pm HST, if the request is received by 2 pm HST and the recorded voice message contains useable information, contact/callback phone number. 
Option 2, e-mail -  Via e-mail,
to the request originator's address will be made by 4 pm HST, if the request is received by 2 pm HST.

OPM's FEGL Services now On-Line

OPM's Retirement Services announced yesterday that retirees can now see their current Federal Employees Group Life Insurance coverage on-line at Services Online.

Once the retiree has logged in to SOL, they can select the Verification of Life Insurance link and follow the instructions to print their FEGLI coverage information.

While the retiree can see the insurance coverage amount, they will not be able to view their designation of beneficiary form that is in their retirement file.

The online address for Services online is www.servicesonline.opm.gov.

CAPWIZ Communications Tool

Link to the capwiz messaging system has been added, (sidebar/National Links/CAPWIZ) to the HSFE website to provide an easy means for members and friends an easy means to send e-mail to our congressional representatives and the media on legistative issues.

For example, email and traditional snail mail letters related to the proposed COLA computation method can be drafted and sent by e-mail, or printed for regular mail.  The basic text addressing the issue is provided for starters, like a form letter.  Just a few custom touches in the body and identification of the sender is required.

(note: The addition of the NARFE capwiz capability by a link in the HFSC website was requested during the Kauai Convention by Gail Browne, chapter 570, to allow members at a chapter meeting to easily send e-mail to our representatives.)

Relocated Notices and Alerts (click on topic below to view)
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NARFE Service Center (Federal Bldg, Honolulu)  -- Closed  Jan 18, 2013

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