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eee1015pn-acpitools 0.7.2 released

posted 28 Jun 2012, 04:54 by Ho Mi   [ updated 28 Jun 2012, 05:03 ]

  * display-settings: replace acpi_call with bbswitch for manipulating power state of the nvidia gpu
  * display-settings: added setting to disable debug output to terminal
  * display-settings: d-s status will output power state of the nvidia gpu in optimus mode
  * debian/rules: added nvidia-glx as alternative to nvidia-current to package dependencies for debian compat
  * debian/control: added bbswitch-dkms to package dependencies
  * vga-selector-gui: added option to start second Xserver on nvidia GPU and output to HDMI in Optimus mode
  * vga-selector-gui: added drag and drop window to play file with smplayer on nvidia xserver
  * vgaselector.desktop: added quicklink shortcuts to set gpu mode (unity only)
  * display-settings: added LinuxMint 13 support
  * display-settings: added support for Mate Desktop Enviroment

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