Last Update: 17/03/11
kaffeine is a Media Player originally written in qt3 (nowadays there is a qt4 port available but i still prefer the qt3 version) based on the xine engine.  It works with dvb-s/s2/c/t devices and also supports Common Interfaces for CAM's and official Subscription cards.

Latest available Version of the qt3 branch is 0.8.8, which has some great highlights like DVB-S2 support (via s2api), some DiseqC fixes and an adjustable live-ring-buffer. 

Source Package:


Size: 3.7 MB  MD5: a908eabd48381a045a6bac3262473a70


Binary Package for ubuntu (32 bit)


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  • Kaffeine 0.8.8 ChangeLog 

  • this binary kaffeine is the "unrestricted" build with lame mp3 encoding Support (this build was usually distributed via the medibuntu repository, but it seems kaffeine got dropped from there.)
  • the xine-engine for Kaffeine is included in the main package, if you want additional gstreamer support, install the kaffeine-gstreamer package
  • DVB-S2 (s2api) support should work out of the box!
  • If you own a recent nvida VGA and want to use hardware acceleration for h.264, get the latest nvidia beta-driver from the x-swat ppa (at time of writing this the latest available one is 270.26) and a HD capeable xine build (i use the version distributed in the yavdr-ppa). Note that the binary kaffeine package above was NOT build with the "--without-xcb" configure switch. So you need to rebuild the source package to use vdpau hardware acceleration. 


copy the channels.dvb file [and the icons folder] to ~/.kde/share/apps/kaffeine. You can edit your channels.dvb file in a text editor.


astra_hb.dvb.zip  (19.2°E - 13°E) Old!

 PayTV & FTA  with logos and Favorites - date: 03/08

europe.dvb.zip (5°E - 13°E - 19.2°E - 23.5°E - 28,2°E - 28,5°E - 1°W - 8°W - 30°W) Old!
 big thx to spoke1 who scanned all this birds - date: 11/07


 Kaffeine Plugins



kaffeine-sc-plugin is a plugin that enables kaffeine 0.8.6+  to connect to a cardserver (currently supported are newcs, gbox & cccam) . You will need a smartmouse and a cardserver with an official subscription card to do anything useful with this plugin. Note that kaffeine should support ci slots (if the driver supports it) & cam's out-of-the-box since kaffeine version 0.8.7



kaffeine-sc-plugin-0.4.0     Size: 443 KB

Changelog: added * wildcard as the ident in cccam-share-filter

                   added new tab on SC window -> ECM Info



Kaffeine Premiere EPG, written by 'guality', is a plugin for kaffeine 0.8.6+ that grabs the EPG from the German provider Premiere on their PPV "Direkt" Channels & the Sports Feeds (Astra 19.2°E - Prov. ID: 0501). The Feeds must be present in the channel list (name doesn't matter). Kaffeine calls them something like "TSID:xxx-SID:xxx" after a initial scan.



Size: 625,3 KB 


Download the latest Version and install the plugin with "./configure && make && sudo make install" in the uncompressed root dir of the sources.  If you intend to use it for German dvb-c, see here              

 Kaffeine helpers


TV - Browser CapturePlugin

 Schedule recordings for kaffeine from within tv-browser. You'll need sun's java (for TV-Browser) and python-dcop. 

 TV-Browser Capture Settings: use the sript kaffeine-tvbrowser-wrapper 

TV- Browser Recording parameters: {start_year} {start_month} {start_day} {start_hour} {start_minute} {length_minutes} {isset(channel_name_external_quiet,channel_name)} {title}

HOWTO [de]: http://wiki.tvbrowser.org/index.php/CapturePlugin_-_Kaffeine


W - Scan

 w_scan is a channel scanner for DVB-s(2)/t/c which exports directly to kaffeine's channels.dvb. This scanner doesn't require initial tuning data (so no conffiles! )

HOWTO [en]: http://edafe.org/vdr/wscan.html




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To scan for all Channels on e.g. 23,5°E and export it directly to kaffeine's channels.dvb use: 

don't forget to make a backup of your existing channels.dvb first ;)

./w_scan -fs -sS23E5 -k >> ~/.kde/share/apps/kaffeine/channels.dvb


 vdr2kaffeine is a small Linux console tool to convert vdr's channels.conf to kaffeine channel list format.



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mtt - Teletext Browser for X

mtt is a teletext browser for the Desktop that uses the gtk+ toolkit, written by the xawtv team.  

 xawtv 4.x snapshots already have dvb support. This binary Packages were build on ubuntu and DVB Teletext needs a separate tuning app (like kaffeine, me-tv ect.) to work.  Source of the Package is here .

  mtt_4.0pre-0ubuntu1~mtron1_i386.deb  README

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  mtt_4.0pre-1_amd64.deb      [Thanks to Jordi Sayol]

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