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vdr - Video Disk Recorder 

This is a vdr 1.6.0 (with maintenance patch 2) and various plugins package. The included binary was build on ubuntu gutsy (32 bit). 

You can easily add custom vdr plugins to this "template" & rebuild the source for your Distro. This Version might be a starting point for budget card only owners (runs with softdevice via xv, so it should also work for FF Cards). 

It is basically a backup of my local vdr which runs inside of MMS here and is pre-configured for Astra 19.2°E).

 WARNING You won't be happy with this package if you have never used vdr before. The configuration is quite complex and requires some knowledge, so you may be better off using the vdr packages provided by your distributor. 


dowload: vdr_1.6.0.2_custom_v8.zip       Version: 8
[Size: 26,2 MB MD5: 54d32fd4036ce3e3c72f7ea3c2877a41]


See the README for install notes.

This vdr Version comes with the following Plugins:


  •  EnigmaNG       0.0.6                                     [cusom vdr OSD skin with channel logos]
  •  softdevice        cvs 08/09/08                         [vdr "budget" xv output ]
  •  softplay            cvs 08/09/08                         [vdr video player using softdevice]
  •  osdpip              0.0.8                                     [vdr OSD PIP plugin] 
  •  femon              1.2.4                                     [dvb signal quality meter]
  •  osdteletext       0.5.1                                    [Teletext]
  •  fepg                  0.4.0                                     [timline epg display]
  •  radio                 0.2.4                                     [background image for radio channels] 
  •  streamdev        0.3.4                                    [stream vdr live-tv over the network] 
  •  nordlichtsepg     0.8a                                     [extends vdr's build in epg]
  •  epgsearch         0.9.24                                   [search epg data]


To-Do Plugin List for next Version(s):

  •  timeline                                                        [OSD timline epg]
  •  VODcather                                                     [grab streaming media]


Run vdr

It is assumed that all drivers for your dvb hardware a loaded by the OS and dvb is functional with e.g. mplayer.

to tell vdr where to store the Recordings (not on Fat32, use a ext3 Filesystem) and Softplay where your local Video Archive is, edit the startvdr script:

$ gedit /video/vdr/startvdr

replace /path/to/dir with your full directory path for VIDEO (VDR Recording directory) & ARCHIVE (video archive); all other Variables should be set ok, if you followed this howto.


to prevent a plugin from being loaded at startup, delete the corresponding "-P pluginname" line
at the "## Run vdr" section of the script.

Start vdr using the Starter Menu (Apps - Sound & Video - vdr)
or from a terminal .

you might want to link the script in your $PATH
$ ln -s /video/vdr/startvdr /usr/bin/vdr

so you can start vdr with
$ vdr

If you want to start vdr in fullscreen, change the softdevice plugin line in the startvdr script to:

-P "softdevice -vo xv:full -ao alsa:mixer:pcm=default" \

Known Problems / ToDo:

  • Note that different ubuntu releases give funky names to ffmpeg & libavcodec libraries. You might need to symlink your installed libavcodec.so* to the libavcodec name softdevice complains about when starting vdr.

    The Libary Names are tested to work for the build target (ubuntu gutsy) but you will most probably run into this problem if you try it on another ubuntu release. 
  • Build in a clean chroot to get the dependencies list for debian / ubuntu  use & build.
  • once the Plugins are done, create binary & source deb packages.
  • i need to find a better way for stopping vdr (an easy fix is to add a custom keybinding for vdr's restart function). Until now use vdr "Mainmenu - Settings - Restart VDR" to exit.
  •  buy a Remote & get lirc working ;)


-- Version 8: new plugins: NordlichtsEPG, prefermenu (08/09/08)

-- Version 7: updated softdevice & softplay, added vdr 1.6.0  maintenance patch 2

-- Version 6: updated epgsearch, added vdr 1.6.0 maintenance patch 1

-- Version 5: updated softdevice & softplay. Now recordings playback are fixed :)

-- Version 4: added vdr patch by Artur Skavina to fix recordings playback

-- Version 3: new plugins: radio, osdpip, fepg, Teletext, epgsearch

-- Version 2: new plugins: tvonscreen, enigmaNG, femon, director 

-- Version 1: vdr 1.6.0  with softdevice, softplay, premiereepg