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mythtv 0.21

MythTV is a homebrew PVR project by Isaac Richards . It's been under heavy development since April 2002, and is now quite usable and featureful.

 I've backported the current hardy mythtv 0.21 packages to gutsy (32 bit) with prevu.





Size: 60.8 MB; OS: ubuntu gutsy (32 bit)

MD5: 7eac72fb44c5f86e64ebc337e925cd14         Notes: myth 0.21 packages



 unpack the archive under your home, and note the full path to the extracted packages. You will need it later. in my case this is

now add the new package source to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
## myth 0.21 backports
deb file:/home/mtron/myth/packages ./
replacing /home/mtron/myth/packages with the path to the packages on your system.

reload the package information and install or upgrade the base mythtv system. In this case i will install a full master-backend & frontend on one system. If you need a different setup you should read the wiki pages about mythtv and the package descriptions.

make apt aware of the new package source
sudo apt-get update
myth base install with back & frontend
sudo apt-get install mythtv mythtv-common mythtv-database mythtv-doc mythtv-frontend mythtv-backend-master libmyth-dev libmyth-perl libmyth-python
common mythplugins
sudo apt-get install mytharchive mytharchive-data mythbrowser mythcontrols mythexport mythvideo mythgallery mythgame mythmovies mythmusic mythnews mythphone mythplugins mythstream mythtv-transcode-utils mythweather mythweb
additional themes for mythtv
sudo apt-get install mythtv-theme-blootube mythtv-theme-blootube-osd mythtv-theme-gray-osd mythtv-theme-isthmus mythtv-theme-iulius mythtv-theme-iulius-osd mythtv-theme-minimalist-wide mythtv-theme-mythcenter mythtv-theme-mythcenter-wide mythtv-theme-projectgrayhem mythtv-theme-projectgrayhem-osd mythtv-theme-retro mythtv-theme-retro-osd mythtv-theme-titivillus mythtv-theme-titivillus-osd
The packages are not signed, and apt will complain about that during install. Apart from that the system is ready to use after an upgrade. if you have installed mythtv for the first time, run mythtv-setup first.