some Linux stuff for the geeks out there ;)

sources.list for ubuntu precise (12.04) & some console commands

screenshots of some apps running on ubuntu linux 


All Software you'll find on this page is the work of their respective Authors (all credits go to them). All Code is licensed under a free GPL (or another CopyLeft) License so you are free to modify, derivative, share, redistribute, ...  this wonderful pieces of free Code - as long as you keep the Source open & accessible to everybody.



Making Ubuntu rock on the EeePC 1015pn

A Install & Tweak Howto for ubuntu precise (12.04); Including helper scripts for Graphics Card switching on the Asus EeePc 1015PN Netbook

Linux DVB Software

 OUTDATED vdr - Video Disk Recorder

vdr 1.6.0 'Budget Card only' Version for ubuntu gutsy with softdevice for XV out.



 OUTDATED mythtv

myth 0.21 ubuntu gutsy packages, 

a PVR / Media Center Software for Linux



best "small" Linux DVB player,

written in qt3 & uses xine as player backend


another Linux DVB player, with Teletext & EPG support

deb package of version 0.6.1 for ubuntu dapper LTS


A GTK+ based player, that uses vlc as playback engine

originally design to view webstreams it can be used to watch DVB channels directly, or as a VDR streaming client (via streamdev)


Other useful Software

browse debs

ubuntu / debian builds of ProjectX (dvb demuxer & cutter), TVBrowser, ect.


 OUTDATED Vagalume

(not updated any more => have a look at vagamule wiki article )