Endangered species are those who are facing a high risk of extinction.  This digital poster project gives you an opportunity to learn all about an endangered animal that you are interested in.  You may use Canva, PowerPoint or another approved design site to make your "poster", and once you are done you will be presenting this information to the class.  Your poster needs to cover the information below at minimum:

What is the common name and scientific name of your animal?
Are there any other names that this animal may be called?
What are the major characteristics of this animal?
Does this animal have any special adaptations that help it survive?
What Class and Order (think classification groups) are your animal in?
What other animals are closely related to your animal?
What is the estimated population of your animal?
Where does your animal live? (include a map showing its current range)
What was this animal's previous range (how large of an area did it used to live in)?
Is it only found on one continent, or many?
What does your animal eat?
Is your animal a primary, secondary or tertiary consumer?
Draw, or find an image of, a food web to show what your animal eats.
Why is your animal endangered (include all the factors that are causing this animal to be in trouble)?
Are there any programs/organizations working to protect this animal?
Are there any zoos or animal parks that are caring for this animal?
Are there any programs that are working on breeding these animals and reintroducing them into the wild?

Click on the rubric below to download:
Rubric PDF