Welcome to Mrs. Blakemore's Classroom

Mrs. B hopes you find this site to be helpful and fun! This site is a work in progress, and it is her goal to improve this website each and every year with more links and important information for her students. This site will hopefully answer many of the questions that students and their parents have throughout the year.

Mrs. Blakemore's "Class Handouts" link in the left menu bar is the place to find most assignments and handouts; she realizes that many handouts go missing due to the fact that many dogs and/or younger siblings seem to have an insatiable appetite for these papers. If there is an assignment that you would like to have available that is not there already, please click on the "Contact Mrs. B." link in the left menu bar to inform her of your request.

About Mrs. B:

The 2021-22 school year is a breath of fresh air as last year was one that none of us expected. This year will be Mrs. Blakemore’s 35th year of teaching at Elsinore Middle School!!! (WOW… even Mrs. B can't believe that) In science our focus will be the Life Sciences, and this year we are SUPER excited to be transitioning to our new Amplify curriculum. Mrs. Blakemore has always loved the ocean… so much so, that she took every marine class offered as she studied for a Zoology degree at Cal Poly Pomona many years ago. Additionally, Mrs. Blakemore has a Masters degree in Physical Education from Azusa Pacific University. Mrs. Blakemore will also teach a section of PE again this year, and she is THRILLED to have the opportunity to join the Physical Education department once again.

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