How many days in each month?

Everyone knows (or we hope they do)
that there are 365 days in a year -- except for leap year and ...

well, sometimes knowing"how many days in a month" is kinda tricky
because different months and different years have differeing numbers of days.

There is a reason for that -- surely there is
but we won't delve into that right now.

Instead -- the thing we want to do now
is give you
and the intellectually challenged students of today --
who know how to play video games, watch sports, and ask Sirri for everything --

a short but helpful way to remember how many days are in each month.

Ready?    Ok.   Here goes.   Memorize this:

30 Days hath September
April June and November

All the rest have 31

Except February alone which has 28.

There you have it -- short, simple, and sweet.

And now -- if you lose your handy dandy know everything cellphone --
you can still figure out how many days are in a month.