Favorite Hymns

A friend found this information in a Newspaper (The Chattanooga Times Free Press).
It was apparently compiled by the writer, Lisa Denton.  Some of these are a hoot.

So with that by way of explanation:    Here are favorite hymns of various groups.

DENTISTS:  Crown Him with Many Crowns.

METEROLOGISTS:  There shall be showers of Blessing

CONTRACTORS:  The Church's One Foundation

GOLFERS:  There is a green hill far away

POLITICIANS:  Standing on the promises

EYE DOCTORS:  Open my eyes that I might see

IRS AGENTS:  I surrender all

REALTORS: There is a Mansion just over the hilltop

PILOTS:  I'll fly away

PARAMEDICS:  Revive us again

JUDGES:  Almost persuaded

PSYCHIATRISTS:  Have a little talk with Jesus

ARCHITECTS:  How Firm a foundation

ZOOKEEPERS:  All Creatures of our God and King

GARDENERS: Lo, how a rose e'er blooming

LIFEGUARDS:  Rescue the perishing

CRIMINALS:  Search me O God

BAKERS:  When the roll is called up younder

SHOE REPAIRERS:  It is well with my soul

TRAVEL AGENTS:   Anywhere with Jesus

GEOLOGISTS:   Rock of Ages

HEMATOLOGISTS:  Are you washed in the Blood

UMPIRES:  I need no other argument

LIBRARIANS:  Whispering hope