Winter Parent INFO


2019-2020 Winter Parent Information Update

Winter Registration is OPEN through SLP Community Ed - Register ASAP if you have not yet done so. Please select registration based on the NUMBER of days per week you swimmer attends - the days of the week listed will NOT be correct for all swimmers. Swimmers on the Zone Eligible Routines (20's, Fall Out Boy, and Mamma Mia) are the only swimmers able to select 3x week for winter session.

Team Show on Saturday February 8th @ St. Louis Park High School - start time still TBD but will fall some time during our usual Saturday hours (10:30-2:30). Each swimmer should plan to bring a decoration that has to to with their routine music or our overall theme this year will of "Olympics"

Association Meet Dates - February 21st (afternoon/evening), and February 22nd (daytime) at Wayzata West Middle School. Figures will be on the 21st along Technical Routines for our 16+ AG swimmers. All other routines on Saturday February 22nd. NOTE: 16+AG routines do TECHNICAL routines rather than figures.

WINTER SESSION ends immediately following Associations for all swimmers NOT attending the ZONE Competition

North Zones Championships (for Fall Out Boy Team/Guardians and 20's Combo) - meet is in Cincinnati, OH Feb 28th- March 1. Combo swimmers– need to arrive Thursday, all other swimmers are highly recommended to arrive on Thursday as well but can travel early in the day Friday if necessary. Combo only swimmers are DONE with competition and awards on Friday and can leave then if desired. All other swimmers should plan to stay through the award ceremony on Sunday March 1 around 1pm.

Spring session will LIKELY begin March 9th for all 1st-6th grade swimmers and ANY 7th-12th grade swimmers who are not participating in a high school program in Spring.

TIME CHANGES for SPRING: Saturday times change to 8-10am, Monday Thursday bump back by 30 minutes 6:30-8pm


1. ALL competitive swimmer have to be registered with USA synchro by than January 15th. For detailed step-by-step instructions, please check your email as instructions were send on January 3rd.

2. Swimmers need to have a solid Black suit, solid white swim cap, routine suit and routine headpiece for each of their routines. Parents from each team need to coordinate plans for these item and had a chance to talk at the parent meeting. Be sure to be in contact and working on this! ALL ITEMS MUST BE READY FOR USE ON FEBRUARY 8th!

note: TECH teams can use the same suit as you will for free routines and are required to gel hair.

3. Gelling is required for ROUTINE swims at the show and Associations - parents who are NEW to synchro and have never gelled before, feel free to talk with experienced swimmer parents for advice! Teams sometimes opt to do a gelling party as a group :) If interested, check out the following video HERE - it shows one way to gel hair (there are many different techniques/options but this shows the process pretty well!). We also have step-by-step recommendations in our Parent Resources Information Documents HERE

4. ANY CONFLICTS with the meet dates we need to know ASAP – some flexibility and will work around conflicts if at all possible but need to know now - often times there are several school plays that happen the same weekend as the competition so let us know via email as soon as possible!!

5. CHECK your ThinkWave account for INCOMPLETE items - ThinkWave is up to date as of 12/31/19. If items are showing up as incomplete even though you believe you have completed it or you are unsure how to go about completing, please email us!