This is the main course site for MLS126 Flipped Classrooms for Middle Managers in Schools. These middle managers are inservice teachers who have appointments to be subject, level, or department heads in their schools.

This six-week elective is facilitated by Dr Ashley Tan, Head of the Centre for e-Learning, at the National Institute of Education, Singapore.

The first iteration of this course starts January 2014.

Design and Expectations

The course is designed for middle managers or leaders in schools who already have some experience with flipping and who need to manage teams of flippers.

This is a blended course that has two main components (online and face-to-face) and leverages on several flipped classroom strategies.

The online components provide instructor-scaffolded and self-directed opportunities to learn more about the flipped classroom. The face-to-face components focus more on managing flipped classrooms and provide opportunities for learning that is differentiated, experiential, social, and collaborative in nature.

The most basic flipped classroom approach is the consumption of content and learner-directed research prior to class and online. This course adds two more dimensions to flipped learning that practitioners do not normally consider. These dimensions will be explored and experienced in this course.


Participants of this course will be expected to:
  • Describe components of a meaningfully flipped classroom
  • Analyse strategies for effective and meaningful flipped instruction and learning
  • Suggest strategies for cohort-level planning, implementation, and evaluation of flipped classrooms