The access to the database is impossible for now due to technical problems we are trying to solve ASAP.

Welcome to the Mexican Million Models database (3MdB) webpage.

The entries of the database are results of running Cloudy (Ferland et al, www.nublado.org) photoionization code, using the pyCloudy library (https://sites.google.com/site/pycloudy/). 
For each model (an entry in the database), a set of more than 170 emission line and continuum intensities - integrated over the volume and the radius - are stored, as well as the inputs of the model and the ionic fractions, electron temperature (means weighted by ionic fractions and line emissivities), and other outputs.
The database is on a MySQL server. The name of the database is 3MdB. The IP of the server, the username, and the access code are obtained upon request to Ch. Morisset (Chris.Morisset@gmail.com).

Here you will find some informations about the structure of the tables, the characteristics of the different set of models identified by a given reference and some tips on how to access the database.

The paper describing the database is THERE: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2015RMxAA..51..103M

Ch. Morisset
Instituto de Astronomia
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

This work has been possible due to grants from CONACyT CB2010-153985,  DGAPA-UNAM (IN-107215), and CONACyT-CB2015-254132