Admissions & Setting Times

Mere Preschool welcomes children to join from age 2 up to school age. We are able to accept children on 2 year old funding and 3/4 year old funded hours, as well as fee paying hours. We are open term time and follow the same school calendar as Mere primary school. Below are our guidelines for registration as per our policies and procedures:

Admissions Guidelines:

1. Mere Preschool has 20 places available for children on Mondays to Friday from 9am to 3pm. Each session is broken into morning (9am – 12pm) and afternoon (12pm – 3pm), or a full day (9am - 3pm).

2. Of these 20 places per session these will be made up of 16 3/4 year olds and 4 2 year olds. Depending on the number of places taken by 2 year olds will determine any extra availability for the 3/4 year old places available to ensure that Mere Preschool fulfils its legal requirements for staff:child ratios.

3. Children can join at any time during the academic year. However this is dependent on the spaces available. In September we will have more places available than towards the end of the academic year when places have been filled. All new children joining will be at the discretion of the Nursery Manager to ensure all the setting can meet the needs to the child.

4. We do not have a separate bedroom area but we do offer a rest area. As we do not have a separate bedroom area we would advise that parents refrain from full day sessions if their child will need a nap in the afternoon. Children will always be able to have calm time in our quiet corner, and should a child fall asleep we will always make them comfortable.

5. For places at the Preschool commencing in the September/ Autumn term, priority for places will be given on a first come first served basis.

6. Mere Preschool requires parents to book a minimum of 2 sessions per week in order to ensure continuity for the child, staff and other children.

7. Mere Preschool will also operate a waiting list for places that become available throughout the year.

Please note that with effect from September 2018 our fees will be 4.75 for 2 year olds and 4.50 for 3/4 year olds.

If you are interested in viewing the setting, please feel free to contact us on 01747 863337 or email We really encourage viewing the setting to ensure that it meets the needs of you and your child.

We look forward to meeting you!