Preschool Day

At Mere Pre-school/Nursery the education is broad and balanced following the Early Years Foundation Stage ensuring children have the opportunity to develop characteristics of effective learning and make progress in the three prime areas as well as the four specific areas of learning, allowing opportunities to develop the whole child socially, personally and academically. We publish a planning for every half term and each planning sheet is sent out with our half termly newsletters as well as being attached as an added document at the bottom of this web page.

Through developing a positive attitude within the children for enjoyment and confidence in their skills and activities, we try to ensure a natural progression into school.

We operate a key worker system. Each key worker has special responsibility for a small group of children. Parents and children know the name of their key worker and she/he will ensure that the individual needs of the children are being met within the group.

A typical outline of a day at Mere Preschool Nursery looks like this;