Policies & Procedures

Please find attached a full copy of our policies and procedures.

We have also attached separate any other form that you may need regarding registration, and details for complaint (which we hope you will not need)!

Mere Preschool Nursery Policies and Procedures V3.0 2018-2019.docx

Here are all of our policies and procedures should you ever want further clarification regarding any aspect of preschool life or the management of the preschool. These are updated annually and if we make any chnages throughout the year you will be notified of these in our newsletters.

All about Me.pdf

This All About Me form is part of our registration process. It is your opportunity to tells us more about your little one so we can best support them in the early days at preschool.

Mere Preschool Registration Form 2018.docx

This is our registration form which every parent is required to complete and return to the preschool if you would like your child to attend our preschool. You can either print your own copy from here or we hold hard copies at the preschool.

Registration Letter.docx

The Registration Form Letter just provides some guidance of documents we will need to see when your child registers and provides prompts to ensure you have all the relevant forms completed.

Tapestry Communication for parents.docx

Tapestry is our online learning journal for all parents and children. This documents has the consent form as well as instructions on how to use tapestry and download it so you can access your child's learning journal at your leisure.