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NEW :DHS Class 65-66-67 Combined Reunion April 28, 2018" held at Southern Theater and Event Center in Denton NC

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Class 1965  1st Reunion in 1977  at South Davidson Fire dept. 2nd Reunion was in 1983 at Farmpark

3rd reunion  Class 65 Reunion april 2011 Photo Album in Thumbnails Here.......      

90 folks for 2011 Reunion and think everyone had a great time reconnecting.

Video : a must see video on YouTube of Class of 65 reunion 2011  sharing memories and even doing the twist  View Video Here...........

Front Row Seating:  Diana Gallimore Snider,  Doris Harrison Suggs,  Peggy Gallimore Harrison

Back Row L to R:  Jean Markham Hunt,  Tommy Morris,  Vonnie Buie Steed,  Ronnie Steed

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Class 1965 2nd Reunion was in 1983 at Farmpark and 1st Reunion in 1977  at South Davidson Fire dept.

    Do you know where your DHS 65 classmates are today?   View and Edit List of Class 65         Spreadsheet edit and print

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list of folks in1977 reunion photo , Click on Photo for larger view.

Front row kneeling: Mascots--Mike Terrell, Susan Richey

Seated:Linda Hunt, Carolyn Garner, Bunny Johnson, Angeline Taylor, Janet Blake, Jean Markham, Shelia Russell, Kenny Wilkins

Second row:John Grice, Tom Morris, Vonnie Buie, Brenda Anderson, Susan Lanier, Peggy Harrison, Doris Harrison,Carleen Lax, Paulette Ward, "CHipper" Harry Badget,

Jerry Gallimore, Bobbie Smith, Ervin Watkins

Thirdrow : Varner, Robbie Gallimore. David Hill, Gayle Garner, Terry Gallimore, Daynese Loflin, Diane Gallimore, Margaret Russell, Sandra Shaw, Don Fine, Martha Surratt., Jimmy Cook, Roger Blake,Ronnie Gallimore

 Bus Drivers , early 60's

 Brenda Anderson Hughes and Tom Hughes

Front Row: Jean Markham, Bernice Goins, Lavonne Newsom, Brenda Draugn, Pat Baker, Janet Blake, Lucille Hunt, Doris Harrison, Angeline Taylor Susan Lanier

Row Two: Janice , Carleen Lax, Ronnie Steed, Paulette Ward, Linda hunt, Bunny Johnson, Peggy Harrison

Row Three:      ,          , Jerry Gallimore, Harry "Chipper Badgett, John Grice, Don Fine, ,   , Jon Johnson,Denny Shaw, Gayle Garner, Margaret Russell,  Bobbie Smith, Sandra Shaw, Shelia Russell,  ,

Row Four: David Hill,     , Taylor Cottrell, Roger Blake,  Wayne Varner, Terry Gallimore,  Ronnie Gallimore, Lois Surratt, Diane Gallimore,          , Brenda Anderson, Vonnie Buie, Lucille Seabolt.