Senior Research Projects Listing

These are actual senior research projects completed by physics students to fulfill the requirements for physics degree.

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Maximizing Force When Hitting a Baseball Rody Johnson 2017-2018 Under Construction abstract 
Feasibility of Wind Energy Production on a Small Scale Kirk Hodel 2016-2017 Work Available abstract 
Musical Tesla Coil Ryan Pittman 2016-2017 Complete abstract 
Theory of the Evolution of Baseball Bats Marco Antonio Flores 2015-2017 Under Construction abstract 
A Study of the Torque Link Robert Schmidt 2015-2017 Complete abstract 
Hydroelectric Generator Kent Bahnert Grimes 2015-2016 Complete abstract 
Honors Project: Study of the Electro-magnetic Generator Pickup Kristopher Valdez 2015-2016 Complete abstract 
Honors Project: Dual Axis Solar Tracking System Taylor Freehauf 2015-2016 Complete abstract 
Coil Gun (Gauss rifle) D. Jordan Nix 2015-2016 Complete abstract 
Conversion of Combustion Engine Generator from Gasoline to Syngas Jacob Howdeshell 2014-2015 Complete abstract 
Characterization and Development of the Ideal Baseball Batting Tee Richard Garcia 2014-2015 Complete abstract 
Induction Smelting Furnace  Heath Koop 2013-2014 Complete  
Maglev Train Benjamin Sherwood 2013 Complete  
Absorption Spectrometer  Arthur Ross 2012 Under Construction  
Micro Hydro Electric Generator Daniel Zipprian 2012 Complete poster 
Electromagnetic Accelerator  Jared Land 2011-2012 Complete poster 
Air Supported Structure  Sheharyar Khan 2011 Complete abstract poster 
Coaxial UAV Helicopter  Jeremiah Land 2011 Complete abstract poster  
Honors Project: Quaternions  Jeanette Schofield 2010-2011 Complete abstract poster 
Wind Tunnel Design & Construction Austin Wegner 2010-2011 Complete abstract poster 
Honors Project: PEM Fuel Cell Testing Platform Tylar Murray 2010-2011 Complete poster 
Backyard Conversion of Waste Biomass to Ethanol  Alistair Adams 2010-2011 Work Available abstract poster 
Table Top High Vacuum Michael Herriage 2010-2011 Work Available abstract poster 
UAV Aaron Ward 2010-2011 Complete abstract poster 
Sonic Deterrent Todd Neer 2009-2010 Complete abstract poster 
Mini Jet Engine David Upshaw 2008 Work Available abstract poster 
Musical Tesla Coil Tyler mcCracken 2007-2008 Work Available  
Designing a Car with SolidWorks CAD Dustin Brown 2007-2008 Complete  
Battlebot Aaron Ramos 2007-2008 Work Available  
Development of an Automated Trading System for Financial Markets Geoff Colburn 2007 Complete  
House Design with SolidWorks CAD Kendra McBride 2007 Complete  
Ion Chamber and Radiation John Garza and Joseph Glover 2006-2007 Complete  
Footballs In Flight Kirk McGinty & Rusty Stogsdill 2006-2007 Complete  
Cost Effective Wind Energy Chris Cumby 2006-2007 Work Available  
Classical Mechanics of Trebuchets James Walsh 2006-2007 Work Available  
Survey of Roads, Bridges and Intersections Adam Davidson 2006 Complete  
Honors Project: Forces Involved in a "Simple" Pendulum Bonnie Schneider 2006 Complete  
Investigation of sonoluminescence: Resonant vibrations (sound waves with frequency near the resonant frequency of the container) of a spherical chamber trap bubbles, which emit light when popped Jed Taylor 2005 Complete  
Honors Project: Investigate the chaos of a driven inverted pendulum Dennis Conner 2001-2002 Complete  
Showing 39 items