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Physics Curriculum

The McMurry Physics Program

The curriculum in physics is designed to prepare majors for a diverse range of options: graduate study in physics or astronomy, graduate study in a related science such as geophysics, meteorology, or engineering, graduate study in physics/science education, industrial physics positions, or positions in science-related business fields. Opportunities for student research and internships in science-related industry are also available. The study of physics requires a strong mathematics background, and the completion of the courses required for the physics degree guarantees the completion of a mathematics minor as well. Computers are also of great importance to physics and our majors are advised to take courses in computer programming languages, especially FORTRAN and C.       

For the degree requirements of the physics major and the physics minor, please refer to the McMurry University course catalog or see the pages from the latest catalog below.

Physics Catalog

You may also want to read through the list of the course descriptions for physics courses:

Physics Courses