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CourseProjectAuthors YearStatusLink
 NURO physics students, various years ongoing In progress NURO 
Classical Mechanics II Numerical Study of Planetary Motion: Kirkwood Gaps Robert Schmidt 2017 Complete abstract 
Electricity and Magnetism II Numerical Study of Electrostatic Potentials with Cylindrical Symmetry in Two Dimensions Ryan Pittman 2017 Complete abstract 
Electricity and Magnetism II Numerical Studies on Electrostatic surrounding of a lightning rod Kirk Hodel 2017 Complete abstract 
Classical Mechanics II Planetary Orbits and Hyperion Chaotic Tumbling using RK4 Method Taylor Freehauf 2016 Complete abstract 
Electronics Digital Dice Kristopher Valdez 2016 Complete  
Classical Mechanics II The Precession of the Perihelion of Mercury Kent Grimes 2016 Complete abstract 
Thermodynamics II Density function theory and wetting transition  Taylor Freehauf and Kent Grimes 2015-2016 Complete abstract 
Electricity and Magnetism II Electric Potential and Electric Field of the Two-dimensional Clindrically-symmetrical Bundary Poblem  Kristopher Valdez 2015 Complete poster 
Advanced Physics Lab Vdeo Aalysis of the Millikan Oil Drop Experiment Kristopher Valdez, D. Jordan Nix, Robert Schmidt, Marco Flores 2015 Complete  
Electronics Microwave Oven Repair Richard Garcia, Kirk Hodel, Robert Schmidt 2015 Complete  
Classical Mechanics II The Numerical Analysis of Baseball’s Trajectory in Flight Richard Garcia 2014-2015 Complete poster 
Electronics Convertion of a Standard Tabletop Lamp to a cordless LED light source  Jacob Howdeshell, Marco Flores 2014 Complete  
Advanced Physics Lab Automated Improvments to the Michelson Interferometer  Kent Grimes, Taylor Freehauf, Richard Garcia 2014 Complete picture 
SPS activity New Trebuchet SPS students 2013-2014 Complete  
Automated Experiments X-Y Lithography Table Taylor Freehauf, Kent Grimes, Richard Garcia, Marco Flores  2013 Complete poster 
Thermodynamics II 2D Ising Model Jacob Howdeshell, Heath Koop  2013 Complete  
Classical Mechanics II Numerical Study of the motion of a simple nonlinear pendulum Daniel Zipprian, Ben Sherwood 2012 Complete poster 
Electricity and Magnetism II Numerical Solution of the Boundary Problem for 2D Laplace Equation for Electrostatic Potential in Given Geometry Jared Land, Jeremiah Land, Sheharyar Khan 2011 Complete poster 
Digital Electronics  Christmas Light Display Arthur Ross 2011 Complete poster 
Thermodynamics II 1D Ising Model Daniel Zipprian 2011 Complete  
University Physics I Cake Compression Experiment Brittany Houghton , Sarah Nason 2011 Complete poster 
Leadership in Science and Mathematics This is Rocket Science James Freiheit, Michael Herriage, Sheharyar Khan, Austin Wegner. 2010 Complete poster 
Thermodynamics II Ferromagnetic Properties in Framework of the Ising Model with Metropolis Algorithm for Monte-Carlo Simulations  Michael Herriage, Jeanette Schofield, Aaron Ward 2009 Complete  
Solar System Physics Laser Sails  Austin Wegner, Todd Neer 2008 Complete poster 
Solar System Physics May Term 2008 Astronomy Trip Results Michael Herriage, Jeanette Schofield, Aaron Ward 2008 Complete poster 
SPS activity Trebuchet SPS members, various years 2001-2008 Complete Trebuchet 
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