this kit helps you obtain spherical/equirectangular panoramas from google streetView

The panoramas can most probably not be used in commercial projects

and they are watermarked

This panoramic image can be applied to a simple Daz Studio primitive sphere and act as a background image


august 2 2018 4AM - new version mcjMosaicHTML5August2422AM.html  will work for more streetview locations and has a button to download the image because chrome blocked the "save image" way of doing things


Go to

Search for Japan Ueno Park

Drag And Drop the yellow StreetView stickman on the park

you'll be dropped down to streetview

copy Your Browser's URL which looks something like,139.773296,3a,75y,113.26h,90t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sDL1txH4VkTWOoChA6RYMeQ!2e0!3e5!4m2!3m1!1s0x60188e9d9894e52f:0x2791c2d9eecb63e6!6m1!1e1
The New Way ( June 9 2015 )
If your browser supports HTML5 the way Google Chrome on Windows supports it then

Download  mcjMosaicHTML5 here or take it from the attachments section at the bottom of this page

Paste your Google Maps Streetview URL in the textbox

click the submit button

the panorama mosaic will appear, for now it's an HTML5 canvas 

your browser will jump to another location containing the panorama, but as a normal jpeg image which you can save or copy !

The Olden School Way 
Download and open the web page mcjMosaic.html here or from the attachments section at the bottom of the page

Paste your Google Maps/StreetView URL in the box

Click the 'Submit' button

and there you go, you see a mosaic of images that form a Spherical/equirectangular panorama

It's huge, larger than most screens

Using your keyboard's Print Screen button and a paint program you could obtain your big panoramic image

but if you are familiar with command-line utilities

you could get the free set of utilities named Imagemagick from

there's amny versions pn the above page, but for windows 64 bit this one will be ok :

the example that follow will work only if you installed imagemagick in a folder named c:\imagemagick
so you also need to be familiar with disk operations like renaming folders

While you can still see the mosaic in your browser

save that web page and the tons of little images it contains by choseing the "WebPage, Complete" option

lets say you saved this in C:\Users\Public\Documents\SkyBalls under the name JapanUenoPark.html

our 90 images are in the SkyBalls\JapanUenoPark_files folder

download mcjMontage.bat ( in a zip file ) from here or from the attachments section at the bottom of the page

note since .bat ( batch ) files are powerful and dangerous when used by malicious hackers
google, your antivirus and Windows will warn you about it
In fact just now, Google prevented me from attaching mcjMontage.bat to this page
so i placed it inside a ZIP file

in case something prevents you from getting mcjMontage.bat
here it is, and as you can see it's innocuous.
You could copy-paste this in notepad or any plain-text editor and save it as mcjMontage.bat

 c:\imagemagick\montage -geometry +0+0 -tile 13x7 cbk cbk(1) cbk(2) cbk(3) cbk(4) cbk(5) cbk(6) cbk(7) cbk(8) cbk(9) cbk(10) cbk(11) cbk(12) cbk(13) cbk(14) cbk(15) cbk(16) cbk(17) cbk(18) cbk(19) cbk(20) cbk(21) cbk(22) cbk(23) cbk(24) cbk(25) cbk(26) cbk(27) cbk(28) cbk(29) cbk(30) cbk(31) cbk(32) cbk(33) cbk(34) cbk(35) cbk(36) cbk(37) cbk(38) cbk(39) cbk(40) cbk(41) cbk(42) cbk(43) cbk(44) cbk(45) cbk(46) cbk(47) cbk(48) cbk(49) cbk(50) cbk(51) cbk(52) cbk(53) cbk(54) cbk(55) cbk(56) cbk(57) cbk(58) cbk(59) cbk(60) cbk(61) cbk(62) cbk(63) cbk(64) cbk(65) cbk(66) cbk(67) cbk(68) cbk(69) cbk(70) cbk(71) cbk(72) cbk(73) cbk(74) cbk(75) cbk(76) cbk(77) cbk(78) cbk(79) cbk(80) cbk(81) cbk(82) cbk(83) cbk(84) cbk(85) cbk(86) cbk(87) cbk(88) cbk(89) cbk(90) montage.jpg

place mcjMontage.bat  in the  SkyBalls\JapanUenoPark_files folder

run mcjMontage.bat  by double-left clicking on mcjMontage.bat 

If you indeed installed imagemagick in c:\imagemagick

then a few seconds later you will have a big panoramic image named montage.jpg

we're talking 6656 x 3584 image !

i used a paint program to remove the black strip at the bottom

here's montage.jpg resized to 2000x1000 pixels

You can get a Poser/Daz compatible sky-sphere which is compatible with these panoramas

The Olden Linux Way to get the CBK images
Linux includes the curl tool which can be used to download files from the net
the syntax is curl -o outputfilename URL

so i include herein an html page and javascript code
which will print on-screen a batch file
which can then be used to download the 91 images that form the mozaic

so all you need is to be able to figure how to create a batch file and run it in Linux

The Esmwy Python way for MACs and Linux
Daz3D forums user Esemwy devised a way to download the images and assemble the mosaic-panorama

version 2 is the most recent and was accompanied by the notes:
 I have some minor updates.

This version takes the Google Maps URL (in quotes to keep the shell from freaking out) and does all the work necessary to download the tiles and create a montage. It requires the Python ‘requests’ module.

the python code ( copied from the forum page ... so it may be broken )
can be found at the bottom of this page as ESEMWY_VERSION_2.PY
But the latest version will be here :

Version 1 is 1 day older and was accompanied by the ntes
 To make my life easier, since I use OS X, I wrote a script to extract the filenames from the generated HTML file. This guarantees that I get them in the right order. Because I’m lazy, I found some code to create the mosaic right there in the script.

The script is written in Python (included by default on OS X), and uses the Pillow module to create the mosaic. For those without Pillow installed, it falls back to ImageMagick.

Perhaps someone will find it useful.

python path/to/html-file.html 

The output will be in a file named like “Montage 2015-06-09 at 11.00.34.png” in your current directory. If you’d prefer JPEG files, you can easily change the extension in the parameters section near the top of the script.

the python code ( copied from the forum page ... so it may be broken )
can be found at the bottom of this page as ESEMWY_VERSION_1.PY

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