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"Mayhem Creations - The Art Of Emotional Creation"

This site has come a long way from when I first started...and is now currently undergoing some big changes, new house projects, new discussions of DIY technology.  Check back often to view the changes that are going on.  

I first started this site to advertise a small business venture into videography, and video editing.  Though the venture didn't really take off, I've kept using the name "Mayhem Creations" and continue to use the site to document the many projects I have on the go, or have completed.  I do still enjoy video editing/composting, they just have taken a backseat to my true love in hobbies: DIY (Do It Yourself) work with electronics and computers.  This passion has unfolded to a deep appreciation for home theater and hi quility audio.  This passion also helped me understand the role in which computers can serve in a home media and automation environment.  Many projects that I'm working on, one can view from the links on the left side menu bar on this page.  Some of these major projects have spinoff projects such as: the MayIR and WinLIRC for the HTPC or the MayBALD and Maytrix for the multi-zoning, whole house audio distribution project.  I've also began to dwell into antenna building for OTA TV reception, and more recently started to play around with a small computer called the Raspberry Pi, and all the cool things one can do with it (SqueezePlug server, OpenElec, AirPi, and controlling Christmas lights).
When it comes to my media and entertainment computers, these have exposed me to different frontend media software, which gives everything a nice visual GUI, and background integration to retrieve the relevant media that you want to view, or listen to.  I've tried many frontend packages, but the one that seemed to suit my DIY thirst for many years was XLOBBY.  Xlobby was/is a very customizable frontend program that allowed an individual to enhance his/hers home theater experience.  Unfortunately due to many reasons over time, I've migrated over to another frontend.  MediaPortal has come a long way from its bloated inception, and as of version 1.2, I decided to switch over to it.  It was a hard decision to finally switch from Xlobby, and though I still appreciate the software very much, due to software issues, lack of OTA PVR support (or easily integrating it), and just getting tired of manually maintaining all my databases, I decided to make the change.  It also didn't help the fact that Xlobby went commercial for a while, and is now, pretty much, defunct.  The one area that Xlobby was king though, and had remained at the top of the mountain, was its Multi-Zoning Audio abilities...there just isn't any other DIY alternative that is as diverse...well maybe until I discovered the abilities of the Raspberry Pi.

In the end, I hope that this site will be a very attractive, informative website.  A website that will give others a thought and thirst for DIY accomplishments.



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I am not an electrical/electronics engineer, nor am I claiming to be a professional at designing electronic circuits, I am, though, an Electronics Technologist, and have a firm understanding of all the circuits that I have built.  If you choose to try some of the projects that I have done, I take no responsibility to your lose of personal health or property.  All projects are performed at your own risk.