"I don't know if you've seen Gran Torino, but remember the line about a man aquiring tools over a period of time? Well it's kinda like that, identify your core needs and script them and build on those over a period of time."

"Anything other than the content can change, and if by changing the source the content breaks you've failed."

Make it work

Make it work better

make it work easier

make it work faster

Don't kill the animator


(kai pedersen)

it's a constant flow of "ok, how can we make the rigs faster for animators", "how can i build this character faster?", "this step is taking too long, how can i automate this?"...

i always tell my riggers automate as much as they can... build tools to do things faster, that way you can spend that saved time on more important things (or even spending that time experimenting and playing with new stuff)

(Josh Carey)

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What are the types of rigging ?

There's fun rigging (Woah, check out all the cool rig features!)

There's angry rigging (I don't get it.This rig is making me angry!)

There's sad rigging (This rig hurts my head, and as a result makes me sad)

There's drunk rigging (A dependency loop has occurred! But why?!)

(Jason Labbe)