By the end of 2007 I decided to give Linux desktop a try, and I installed Kubuntu 7.10 in dual boot with Windows XP on my PC.
There were a couple of reasons for doing this:
- In my day job, my work changed from pure technical to pre-sales.
    So I was looking for a way to still do some technical stuff
- I am a Telecom engineer, specialised in Alcatel telephone exchanges. 
  As nearly all telephone exchanges  run on Linux servers, linux desktop seemed
  a good choice to keep up to date with my technical stuff at work.
- Vista came out, and I was looking for a change on my desktop PC.
    After hearing all kinds of stories about SW and HW not being
   compatible with Vista, I did not want to pay for an OS that only
   works in a restricted way.

At first I used Linux now and then to learn how to use it.
Later on when I figured out what applications to use, I almost did not use Windows anymore, except for an interface to read-out my solar panel production.
I needed some extra diskspace for films and decided to throw out windows alltogether.
As I am a satisfied Linux user, I decided to give the Linux OS a bit more visibility, and signed up at the Linux counter 

Other things I fill my free time with are my kids and 2 dogs.
Recently I started playing the saxophone again.

I started this site as an online collection of linux tips & tricks I want to remember,
but now I am putting up some other stuff too.

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