DELANE, John Thadeus. "The Times" editor on war reportage (1854): "Continue to tell as much truth as you can"

John Thadeus Delane (11 October 1817 – 22 November 1879), was the editor of The Times (London) from 1832-1877. He tried to be above party politics but was sympathetic to Liberal ideals (see: ).


 John Thadeus Delane in reply to William Howard Russell, sent by The Times (UK) to cover the Crimean War, who asked him  in a letter “Am I to tell these things? or am I to hold my tongue?" (1854):  "Continue to tell as much truth as you can." [1].


[1]. William Howard Russell quoted by John Pilger in “The people don’t know and can’t know”, Evatt Foundation : .