Who Are The Mad Dogs?

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The Mad Dogs draw cricketers from all over the world, and from all walks of life: Three come from the Liverpool suburbs, seven have doctorates, we have a rabbi , two players who have played for their national teams and three are actuallly American!

 Maddog Park and our "pavilion"


David Quirk

Origination: New South Wales, Australia

Club Captain, leg spinner, opening bat... And one day he'll even buy a new club shirt that's white!

              Hide Kojima

Origination: Kyoto, Japan

Not many people emigrate based on cricket... but Hide did! He left Japan at 18 to go to college in Australia to be closer to the sport he loves! Now he is in the USA, the passion continues...


Tom Haydon

Origination: The West Country of England, Scotland 

Though Tom grew up in the cradle of the game, he has lived in 2 distant outposts of the sport - the USA, and Scotland... Ask him about playing cricket in Stenhousmuir!

Neil Kimberley

Origination: St Helen's, England 

Join the club and get a never-ending succession of emails from me badgering you to play this game, give this player a ride:  One of my life's goals is to develop the web-based application that runs a cricket club with having to do anything! That and score in double figures again...

John Moore

Origination: Crosby, England

John is a Professor at Cornell University where his lab is attempting to save the world from  AIDS.  John loves his cricket and features at almost every game! Specializes in team statistics and performance data analysis. Inventor of the "Bunny Coefficient" in cricket


Neil Harrison

Origination: Crosby, England

Club Vice Captain and one of the Maddog's most eligible bachelors His cerebral captaincy is famous for sizing up the strengths of the opposition, then coming on to bowl when he gets out.... This was his secret to becoming bowler of the year in 2006!

James Thornton

Origination: Devon, England 

At his best, the most destructive of batsmen (just ask Hoboken CC!). This aggression is added to a laid back approach to life that is more at home Caribbean than Torbay.

David Johnson

Origination: Adelaide, Australia

Time was, David was the youngest player on the Dogs. Hence the nickname "Junior". Now the name is more loosely applied. David is also Club bag-man - if you owe any cash, he will be sending very pleasant emails looking for cash.

Frank Farricker

Origination: Greenwich, CT 

Frank came to cricket as the bar manager of a mining bar in the Kimberley mountains of Australia (long story). Since then he has become a start behind the stumps, and featured in some classic run chases.


Edward Palmer

Origination: Grimsby, England 

Now moved to Montreal, Eddie has been a stalwart of the club for a couple of seasons, either behind the stumps or scooting around the boundary to take a challenging catch. Patient as the day is long, he is the classic opener, often providing the foil to the thrust of Prasanna.

Jonas Wilson

Origination: Somerset, England

Is there is a risk to be taken, a challenge to be met, or fun to be had, Jonas will be there, ready and willing. Short Square Leg? no worries: 10 an over needed? No Problem.


 Oscar WarwickThompson

Origination: London, England

Oscar is one of the Maddogs rarities - a player under the age of 30. Well he is actually still in high school. Therefore he gets a lot of boundary fielding, and kit-packing... 

 Paul Harris

Origination - West Country - England

Richard Coates

Origination: Keswick, Cumbria, England


One of the few Maddog cricketers with actual talent. Richard is an aggressive fast bowler (back permitting) and destructive batsman. Actually was married on the wicket at Merion CC.



 Richard Kanoff

Origination: Philadelphia PA 

Richard is an American who fell in love with he game during his days at Cambridge. Now a die-hard Dog his legendary 3 run-out performance against Toronto in 2001 will live in legend forever...

Herno Smith

Origination: Pretoria, South Africa

Herman Smith

Origination: Pretoria, South Africa 

Mervyn Trappler

Origination: Zimbabwe

Prasanna Ramaswamy

Origination: Chennai, India

The destroyer with both bat and ball, Prasanna is a very gifted player, and makes the rest of us wonder why we bother. Always a great guy to have on your team.



Kaustuv Banerjee

Origination: Bangalore, India

Kaustuv is a Jack of all trades, amongst them photographer of many of the shots on this site. Most of the time he will deal  in a meaty left handed drive... 


Gaurav Sood

Origination - India 

Sanjay Santhanam

Watch out for Sanjay. He's the official "fines" master for the team. Make a mistake and he'll fine you.

Sartaj Bhuiyan

Origination: Dacca, Bangladesh 

 A recent Grad of Haverford College, Sartaj still yearns for teh student life... The scenery is just not as attractive at GE!



Tony Boyke

Origination: Port of Spain, Trinidad

Knows everyone and everything about cricket in he USA. Keeps threatening to retire - but my guess is that he'll keep playing until they carry him off in a pine box.

Keith Lawrence

Origination: Bourda, Guyana, West Indies

Reliable, elegant batsman and dancer; lover of fine rum and  loopy off-breaks. Another pine-boxer.

Bert Simon

Origination: Antigua, West Indies

While his name sounds like an Yorkshire trundler the reality is very different! Bert brings the fire to the MDCC attack on the pitch... and then is continually looking for a nap off the pich.


Patrick Taiwo

Origination - Nigeria