Maddogs' Ancient History in Pictures

Many thanks to Bruce Ennis for providing this trip down memory lane... 

 The Mad Dogs at the 1994 (?) Charoltte Festival: Back - "Tiny" Chris McGovern, Nick "Radar" Reilly, Kevin "Dopey" Dent, Lawrence "Masher" McCollom; Front - Justin "W*nker" Wilson, Unknown, Bruce Ennis, Gavin Murphy.


Same team in Black Tie - but ex-pants at the "formal" dinner:  Doesn't Bruce (2nd from left) look like Sting?

Maddogs ca 1995 at Charlotte: Back Kevin Dent, Peter Scroggins, Justin Wilson, Nick Reilly, Gavin Murphy, Chris McGovern, Neil Kimberley; Front - David Johnson, Brett Collins, Bruce Ennis

One of the great moments in Maddogs history... 1995 in Charoltte... Justin Wilson hits 24 from the last over vs Charlotte CC, including three sixes from the last 3 balls to secure a win. Johnson and Dent provide the lift while Collins, Kimberley and Murphy try to contain their enthusiasm

Probably Charlotte in 1996: Back - Unknown, Nick Reilly, Jonas Wilson, Justin Wilson, Jonathon Ping, Gavin Moule, Brett Collins; Front - Gavin Murphy, Kevin Dent, David Johnson, Brian Sloman, Bruce Ennis