Following Cricket In America

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USA Cricket 

A quick history of cricket in America is here. And another one here.

All cricket is on satellite TV - Little is available on cable:  

See for information on their "cricket pack" - Ten Cricket (home cricket from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the West Indies), Willow TV (England, Australia, NZ, South Africa) and Neo Cricket (india). DirecTv has something similar.

If you really want to get organized, buy a Satellite system with a DVR and a Slingbox  linked to the internet. Then you can send your cricket to wherever you are - either on a computer or a smartphone.

Gossip about the Satellite business is best at, or

No satellite? Willow TV  can be a web-based solution - their coverage is pretty good - and the streaming rarely buffers. Your best alternative for "free" coverage is on the web - there are many pirate services.

Aussie bars in Manhattan sometimes have games on: Eight Mile Creek, Sunburnt Cow, and now Baker Street.

Best solution for listening to games is (tends to cover England, Pakistan and India).

The BBC has Test Match special for all England home games Radio 4 Long Wave.

The USACA (US Cricket Association) has a website that is way too self absorbed. used to be pretty good, but has sucked lately (bad links, takes forever to load etc). Try it - you never know!

One of the more remarkable places to visit in the US for cricket is Philadelphia: Superb grounds at Haverford College, Merion, Germantown and Philadelphia CC. There is also the CC Morris Cricket Library  which has a great collection of memorabilia.

Links to other USA websites at

Mad Dog Stuff

There are apparently duelling Maddog pubs in San Antonio, TX - bizzare... vs

Another cricket Maddog here.

Hide (our japanese cricketer) has written this page  about MDCC in English, and this one in Japanese. If you search in google it will translate the page for you!

 There is another Mad Dogs Cricket team in Brazil here!

New York Stuff

Buying cricket gear? Visit Singh Sports in Queens or the Bronx: Mention you are with the Maddogs and you may end up with a discount.

There are are two indoor facilities for the off-season: in Morristown NY  see Indoor Cricket USA here.

And in Brooklyn =- contact

Floyd Bennett field in the Bronx has begun to host some serious cricket.

And there is a beautiful new stadium in Lauderhill FL. Perennially there are rumors of international cricket coming there. 

Other Cricket Stuff

My favorite cricket blog  the Corridor of Uncertainty is here.

Bored with solitaire, try Npower cricket game. My high score is 232! 

This is a new game - let me know if I should try it.

This is a fun take on how to captain a village cricket team. 

A list of cricket links from ANTS 

Cricket Scoring Software 

 Nepotism Corner

The Rugby League - My brother works there!