2006 Schedule and Results

Listed below are all our games in 2006...From 42 games the Maddogs won 23, won 1 on a forfeit, tied 1 game, 1 "no result" due to a schedule conflict with Little League, 7 washouts and 9 losses .

Thansk to everyone who played for or against us this season. It was truly memorable!

Match reports etc are on the blog


Date Team Location Result
1) 14-Jan Sarasota Away (Sarasota, FL) Won
2) 15-Jan Sarasota Away (Sarasota, FL) Won

3) 22-Apr Yale Home (Greenwich HS) Washed Out
4) 4-May Littleton CC Away (Philadelphia, PA) Won
5) 4-May Pittsburgh CC Away (Philadelphia, PA) Won
6) 5-May Merion CC Away (Philadelphia, PA) Lost
7) 6-May Haverford CC Away (Philadelphia, PA) Lost
8) 6-May Philadelphia CC Away (Philadelphia, PA) Won
9) 14-May Fairfield County Home Lost
10) 20-May East Meadow Home Won
11) 27-May Staten Island - League
Away (NY) Won
12) 28-May Waterbury Home Lost
13) 3-Jun Columbia University - League
Away (New York, NY) Washed Out
14) 10-Jun KPMG Home Won
15) 11-Jun Fairfield County Home No Result
16) 17-Jun League -Milford Gypsies Home Won
17) 24-Jun Windsor Home Washed Out
18) 25-Jun Westchester Home Washed Out
19) 1-Jul Fairfield County
20) 8-Jul United Home Won
21) 14-Jul Hoboken CC (20/20) Away (Steven's, NJ) Won
22) 15-Jul League -Hoboken CC Home Won - Forfeit
23) 22-Jul Tri City Away (Albany, NY) Washed Out
24) 23-Jul MOK Away (Hoosiac, NY) Won
25) 23-Jul MOK (20/20) Away (Hoosiac, NY) Won
26) 29-Jul League - SI Home Won
27) 5-Aug Windsor CC Home Won
28) 12-Aug Hoboken CC 30 overs Away (Steven's, NJ) Won
29) 19-Aug League -Milford Gypsies Home Lost
26-Aug Ashes Home England Won!
30) 2-Sep League - Col Away (New York, NY) Washed Out
31) 9-Sep St. Columba's CC Away (Newport, RI) Lost
32) 10-Sep St. Columba's CC Away (Newport, RI) Lost
33) 16-Sep League -Columbia Home Won
34) 17-Sep Westchester  Home Tied
35) 23-Sep WSL Final Vs Columbia Home Won
36) 24-Sep Yale Home Won
37) 30-Sep Fairfield County Home Won
38) 7-Oct Westchester Home Lost
39) 14-Oct Westchester Home Won
40) 21-Oct BOCC Away (PA) Lost
41) 22-Oct Merion Away (PA) Won
42) 28-Oct Over 40 vs Under 40 Home Washed Out