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Looking for cricket in New York? Connecticut? Westchester? Fairfield? The Mad Dogs are based in Greenwich Connecticut, the New York area's social cricket team... And according to the Expat Telegraph, the best expat sports club in the world!!

Listen to cricket in the USA on Watch it at, buy the cricket pack on Dish Network or at Eight Mile Creek at 240 Mulberry Street in Manhattan.

Summer 2012

Welcome to the our website, the virtual home for the Mad Dogs Cricket Club. If you are interested in playing for, or against us, contact the Mad Dogs here

So the summer is off and running - you can see our calendar of games below. We estimate that we will play around 75 games this summer, so if you are looking to play -either for or against us, drop us a line at

    • John Moore - Uncharacteristically without his anorak...

    • The Dogs empire is growing: Join our Facebook community, or see our group on Linkedin.

Who are the Mad Dogs?

Immigrants have come to the Americas for three centuries looking for freedom and opportunity. Some also arrive and look for cricket... at face value a tough ask in the home of baseball. But there is plenty of the most interesting cricket in the US, and New York in particular. And our team is just one of hundreds of teams playing each weekend of the summer every year.

The Maddogs are a multi-ethnic team playing both social and league cricket in and around New York. We annually participate in the Philadelpha Cricket Festival, and have toured Charlotte NC, Sarasota FL, Toronto, Nevis, Grenada and Buenos Aires in recent years.

The Dogs also coordinate the New York Ashes - an annual summer event for the local Brits and Aussies in New York.

We are based in Greenwich CT, but have players from Greenwich, Stamford, Westchester, Manhattan and even New Jersey turning out in the Blue and Gold on a regular basis.

For more information about playing with or against us, follow the links on the side of the page.