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13 March 2018 - Government Chaos

posted Mar 13, 2018, 1:43 PM by Benjamin Bias
The root of all fear at the bottom of the deep well of chaos coming out of the Trump Administration is that when (not if) something crazy happens to millions of people, the federal response will be delayed, inept, or non-existent.  See Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria.  See Louisiana after hurricane Katrina.  Those suffering humans in the videos could be you and your family.

The first job of government is to make sure the systems we all rely on are working smoothly.  First, make the trains run on time.  Having reliable systems saves millions of hours of suffering.  Then, if and only if things can be improved, should attention be spent to make changes.  Finally, having layers of steadily-improving systems should put us all in position to weather the storm when bad things inevitably happen.  By this algorithm we all can help each other be better off every mundane day and on our worst day.