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13 March 2016 - The Villain

posted Mar 13, 2016, 3:38 PM by Benjamin Bias   [ updated Oct 25, 2016, 3:07 AM ]
You are probably the villain in someone's life.

Do you believe wholeheartedly that human's should help one another?  Should we feed hungry people, educate children so they can grow up to their full potential, and care for the elderly and disabled who cannot care for themselves?

If you believe these things then you are on your way to being the hero.  However... 

If you have a full cupboard or if you waste food then there is a hungry person the world who spites you for not sharing your wealth of calories.  If you have money which is not spent meeting your immediate and visceral needs then somewhere your enemy is angry with you for not giving aide from your abundance.  If you have free time each week which you spend on yourself, then somewhere someone is dying alone cursing all of humanity for letting them be born just to die without the care of another human near by.

If you are rich enough to read this silly little essay then someone somewhere is unhappy with your greed.

Conversely, if try to escape this low philosophy trap by saying you care about other people but we have to be reasonable enough not to care so much, then you might really be the villain who will compromise another's life for your own peace of mind.

I apologize for pointing out this truth: If anyone suffers anywhere while you luxuriate in wealth that you have hoarded then that person can spite you as evil, or willfully ignorant, or both.  You are the villain when you do not share your prosperity.