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09 May 2016 - Stiff Upper Lip

posted May 9, 2016, 4:23 AM by Benjamin Bias   [ updated Oct 25, 2016, 3:04 AM ]

The whole world is fine

If I keep the truth hidden

I will be okay
-- haiku by Benjamin Bias 09 May 2016

Each line of this poem stands alone; like the speaker.

The first line read with the second line as a sentence says that the external visage presented to others is based on an internal mantra.  

The second line read with the third line as a sentence says that the internal mantra about the truth creates a lie that allows the internal person to be 'okay'.

The first line plus the third line illuminate the lie.  How can the the whole world be fine if I will be okay?  Maybe I am already okay, but typically the future tense, 'will be', indicates a change of status.  Am I okay already and I will continue to be okay?  Then why mention it?

Read as a whole the reader is left with a dim impression despite the many positive words.  What truth must be hidden for the whole world to be okay and allow for the speaker to be fine too?