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07 October 2016 - 42

posted Oct 7, 2016, 7:43 AM by Benjamin Bias
What if earth really is a living in computer?  What if the meaning of life is to figure out the meaning of life?

I like this idea. I like thinking that the point of life is thinking. Sure it is better if something can be done with the thoughts: ideas Plus action is better then just ideas. However, ideas should precede action and all the better if those ideas are good.

I think everyone should try to to have an original idea at least once per lifetime. 

If each person would pick a topic of interest, concentrate for at least a few minutes per day on figuring out something new about that interest, and did so for years at a time then, eventually, that person might have an original idea worth sharing with the world.  This ocean of human knowledge is made of many small drops.