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05 November 2018 - WIC

posted Nov 5, 2018, 7:20 AM by Benjamin Bias
Last week I was in the check-out line at a box store. The 6' 2" tall woman in front of me seemed to pregnant - big belly & buying baby clothes.  I was checking her out because you can't teach tall and sometimes I day dream about getting back into volleyball.

As she is completing her transaction I perk up my ears when the cashier says, "I'm sorry but none of your items qualify for WIC".  Her WIC card had just been scanned and provided $0 for her check-out.

I was incredulous.  I spoke up, in anger and ignorance about the system, "She has oranges, fresh basil, and a bag of carrots.  None of those qualify for WIC?!"  The cashier, deflated, said, "No, sir" and the woman with a sweet there-there-you-idiot smile, said, "No... They are really strict on what you can buy."  The cashier nodded in agreement, knowingly.

I let it go on the spot, no need to hold everyone up discussing a system we could not fix in the check-out line.  However, we can do better, humans. Recognize the problem.  Be the change the world needs.